New way to improve your health and financial stability after menopause

Are you suffering form hot flushes? Depression? Insomnia? Mood swings?

If so, then your job performance may be affected.

According to an Adelphi University study published in the journal of Social Behavior and Personality, 47% of women say that symptoms of menopause create significant problems in their lives. Thirty per cent of these women believe that these symptoms cause job performance deterioration.

This is a concern because losing a job when you are not feeling well can create significant financial problems. Finding a new job when you are 50 may not be as easy as when you are 25.

But there is good news. Hormone replacement therapy can reverse the effects of menopause. You can regain control of your health! You do not have to suffer any more.

Hormone replacement therapy can also help with sagging skin and wrinkles, which are other undesirable traits associated with menopause. It's not about being vain. Looking good is an undeniable asset. Studies have shown that attractive women earn more money at the workplace, are more productive, and they lead happier lives.

If you still want to be competitive in this dynamic world, but the effects of menopause are stripping your good looks, sapping your energy, and impairing your memory, consider the use of bioidentical hormones.

Many women need help remain vibrant, active, and attractive, by introducing them to bioidentical hormones. Using them can be as easy as rubbing a cream on your body.

Restoring hormone levels, so that they are working at peak levels, is essential to good health and longevity.

That's because hormones affect every one of the body's functions. They send signals from one part of the body to another. When these hormones are working at optimum levels, we feel wonderful because the system is running as nature intended.

For example, with hormone replacement therapy, many women find that they experience the following:

-- improved energy;
-- better sex lives;
-- better control of their health;
-- improved relationships with their loved ones;
-- better memories;
-- stronger bone density;
-- even skin tone;
-- decreased cholesterol and body fat;
-- better ability to compete with younger and healthier individuals.

Gone are the hot flashes, the anxiety, and the depression. When the bioidentical hormones do their job, sleeping problems and irritability can become a thing of the past. Women can feel good about themselves again, and project this image to the world. As a result, they can remain part of the work force, learn new skills, and compete with younger co-workers.

With the economy on the decline, many of us may be planning to work longer than we had anticipated. To do so, it is essential to remain healthy and retain energy levels. Modern medicine has made it possible for us to live longer, and bioidentical hormones make it possible for us to live well.

These hormones are substances that are chemically identical to our own hormones. They are not artificial substances invented in a pharmaceutical laboratory. This is important because, only nature knows what the body needs.

The road to turning your life around begins with an a visit to the doctor. There, routine blood work and testing will be done, and a medical history will be taken. The results of these tests will indicate which hormones may need to be replaced. With this knowledge in the doctor's hands, he can then determine the best course of action, and an individualized treatment plan will be provided.

Staying youthful is not about being vain. It's about living well.

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Graduated from Gorky medical institute Ukraine in 1980 came to Us in 1992 graduated from residency program in 1998, attending physician in Coney Island Hospital since 1998, in private practice since 2001 Board certified in Anti Aging medicine in 2007