The right timing can mean the difference between winning and losing. In the boxing ring, one well timed punch can knock out the opponent, but if that same punch is delivered just a second later it can result in hitting nothing but air. Now, obviously, attracting women with boxing isn't what I'm talking about, but learning about timing is.

With the wrong timing you can come on too strong when she's just not ready. You also could make your move too late and the moment of attraction dies on the vine. Timing is a learned skill. Not some esoteric thing that some guys have and some don't. Timing is developed by observation and practice.

The next time your out with the rest of humanity find a place it sit down and just watch people. Watch the body language of women in the area. What are they doing when they're talking with their friends as opposed when they're talking with their lovers? Watch how different men approach women and take note of which approaches are successful and which ones aren't.

Watch two lovers. Be downright scientific about this. Do they go from hand holding to passionate kissing in a matter of seconds? Not usually. Watch the different body language structures, facial expressions, touches, smiles. While watching one of the things that you will observe is that women are always sending out signals. Knowing what to do with those signals is what timing is about.

Now, this type of education might sound manipulative or deceitful, but it isn't. Of course, you want to be more attractive to women, but the woman that you're with will be the recipient of this education. And she will like the fact that you are so attentive to her. She'll read this as you being so into her that you know what she wants and when to make the right moves. A very sexy thing for any woman.

Remember, HAVE FUN!

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Alex Coulson has been a core leader in the ever evolving dating industry, he holds cutting-edge dating workshops/courses every weekend around Australia and regularly holds dating seminars on attracting women internationally.