The tutoring business and supplemental education market is exploding in the United States and Europe- you probably already know that! If you already have your own tutoring business or if you are looking to start your own, one of the first places to start is advertising.

Small Tutoring companies and individual tutors often do not have the resources to pay large amounts of money towards advertising in yellow pages, the internet search engines or expensive classified ads.

In order to compete with large tutoring franchises, it is important to brand your name and market yourself in a way that won’t put a strain on your budget but still reaches your target market of parents and students.

Tutor Directories are a great, inexpensive way for parents and students to find quality tutors like yourself. Many offer other services such as your own website, advertising and free student leads. Some directories do not have a charge and tutors can list themselves for free. (Keep in mind that if they are free, you wonder how the company is making money to promote the website).

A good tutor directory will provide you with services other than just advertising like your own link to give parents that is your own unique website. This is a great tool as you are not only receiving advertising but can use it as a website to give parents and students to read about your tutoring services as well as your prices.

Another tool to look for is parent and student leads. Often times if a parent is looking for a tutor in a specific subject they can post a ‘help wanted’ on the directory and then a tutor can contact them if they feel it is a fit.

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