How Real Is The Secret?

This month the big new thing in the literary and DVD world is a book and film titled The Secret. The Secret is a restating of The Law of Attraction, which is a 4000-year-old Hindu monistic theory of the Universe that says we attract to ourselves what we think and feel strongly about. The idea is that your thoughts manifest into reality and determine your destiny.

The Law of Attraction says that we all have the power to bring into our lives the things we think about. It states that when we feel strongly and put much thought and emotion into something, positive or negative, it will probably happen.

I have seen this to be true in the lives of my clients. When they decide where they want to go, and take the steps to get there, they always do! It’s unimportant whether they attribute their success to a metaphysical phenomenon or the result of their clarity, awareness and talent. The important thing is that they have created a vision and made it into a reality. We all have the power to do this.

I believe that awareness is the key. We can always find what we look for, because it’s all there, all the time. What makes the difference is where we choose to focus and what we notice.

You have probably had the experience of suddenly seeing what you focus on. Noticing makes you focus more, and makes whatever you’re focusing on seem bigger and more obvious. For example, when I bought my new car, I was suddenly aware of how many other cars exactly like it were on the road. They were there all the time. However, until I focused on this type of vehicle I never noticed them.

Those who believe in The Law of Attraction say, “Try it and see for yourself.” A simple way to “test the Law” is to “manifest” a parking space. The next time you go to the mall, or any crowded parking area, visualize where you want to park. As you get into the car to drive there, visualize which door you’d like to enter and how close you want to park to that door. Think about it on your way to the mall, and then drive to where you think your spot is. You might be surprised and amazed to discover your spot waiting for you, or someone just pulling out so your spot is open.

Whether your thoughts actually created this spot for you, or just encouraged you to look for what you wanted instead of settling for the first place you came to, is open to debate. Regardless, you got your parking space because you were aware of what you wanted and did what was necessary to achieve it.

I believe that the major messages of The Secret, the Law of Attraction, and plain old positive thinking, are all the same. The key to achieving success in your business and personal life is being very clear about what you want, keeping a positive attitude, and believing wholeheartedly that you will eventually accomplish it. This means paying attention to what happens in your daily life and persistently following new ideas and opportunities as they appear.

There are several steps that will help you achieve your vision:

Be very clear about what you want, what your vision is. See it in as much detail as you can.

Believe that the end result you want is attainable, and put your thoughts, actions and emotions towards that belief.

Avoid worrying about how it will come together. Focus on the end result and take one step at a time to move forward. Sometimes you don’t need to see the whole picture because it can be too overwhelming. Just take the next step.

Be open, flexible and adaptable to new thoughts, ideas, and opportunities that might take you to what you want. Pay attention to what happens in your daily life, so you will notice when doors open. Then be prepared to walk through them.

Take action and keep moving. Passionately do things that “feel” right, or follow whatever presents itself that may move you toward your vision.

Keep your vision/goal in mind at all times.

The Secret, The Law of Attraction, and positive thinking are all about the fact that you have the power to create what you want in your life. If you are aware and flexible enough to walk in new directions, always keeping your goal in mind and believing you have what it takes to make it happen, you will achieve your goals and live the life The Secret promises.

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Author's Bio: 

Sandra Abell, MS, LPC has over 20 years of experience in the human development field. She has worked in nonprofit agencies and has been a therapist in private practice. For the past several years she has been president of Inside Jobs Coaching Company, providing business and personal coaching to executives, managers and their staff. Sandra received her undergraduate degree from San Jose State University in California, and her graduate degree from Southern Oregon University. She is affiliated with Coach University in Colorado Springs, CO and is an Oregon State Licensed Professional Counselor. She has also co-authored the book Self Esteem: An Inside Job, and provides workshops based on the book. Sandra specializes in working with executives, managers, professionals and small business owners, and concentrates on helping them strategize, move ahead, accomplish goals and maximize their potential. She invites you to visit her website at .