One of the latest ways to gain traffic through social marketing is by using MyBlogLog. This super-popular social networking site is designed to serve as a center point for your blogging needs and interests, and to keep everything organized and straight. This site’s design ultimately ends up helping you identify your target audience more precisely, and you can connect more directly with them as a result, by directing you toward contacts and communities that have common interests.

MyBlogLog can help you nearly instantly jump start your site and your traffic, and does not touch your advertising or marketing budget because it is free. MyBlogLog helps you target your audience by helping you develop communities and contacts that are relevant to your niche, business, products, or interests. Every time you visit a site that has the MyBlogLog widget installed on it, your visit is recorded and that blog’s owner is notified. This makes it very likely that the blogger will be checking you out, as they are probably following up on any visitors to their blog (well, if they have any idea what they are doing).

Because you are often visiting a variety of blogs that are of interest to you, it is very likely that if those people are registered users of MyBlogLog then those other bloggers will belong to multiple communities that are relevant for you to join. This is the perfect way for you to start building up a huge target audience, simply by following along and doing exactly what other people are already doing. There is definitely strength in numbers, and the more sites you visit, the more visible you will be.

Responding promptly and appropriately to all of the visitors to your site is also very important. You can use the Recent Readers feature, which lets you know every MyBlogLog user that has been to your site. Addressing them directly, usually by a visit to their site and leaving a comment, is the ideal way to socially connect and make you more memorable to them. Any users that visit their site will then be exposed to your site by link as well.

This type of social marketing is incredibly viral and can grow quickly. MyBlogLog is a great way for you to showcase your blog and announce it to the cyber world. You can join tons of communities, and have tons of exposure, and much of that exposure will be an audience that you know is interested in what you have to offer.

The best thing about all of this excellent viral marketing is that MyBlogLog is free. You won’t have to spend any of your precious profits getting the exposure you need. All you have to do is be willing to do the surfing and reading required, and be willing to respond to your own visitors. The rest will come naturally. Many online marketers report huge gains in traffic during the first few days of signing up for MyBlogLog. What have you got to lose?

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