Linda Joy Allan can now look fear head-on and do it without taking a drink, smoking a cigarette or binge eating. She can have meaningful relationships and value her friendships. And she can finally enjoy being alone. It wasn't always this way.

Ms. Allan's tell-all journey from addiction to sobriety, I Quit: Cigarettes, Candy Bars & Booze (Dovelin Publishing, September 16, 2008,, is a sobering, and sometimes humorous, look at what an out-of-control life can do to one's being. Even when Linda hit rock bottom, as she did many times, she was so damaged and living such a distorted life, always in a state of panic, that she felt she had no recourse but to continue her self-destructive behavior. In the end, it wasn't any 12-step program that helped her quit her addictions, but a kind of "epiphany" which came about as she reconnected to her deep well of spirituality.

"I Quit will motivate and inspire," states Dr. Laura Schlessinger. That's exactly what author Linda Joy Allan hopes her book will do. Having been through some of the toughest addictions, she anticipates that others will recognize themselves in her narrative and it might help them to quit their addictions. As Linda well knows and wrote in her book: "Living as an addict of any kind is hard. Too hard. Much harder than being free."

Linda Joy Allan's mission is to share her story with as many people as she possibly can through speaking engagements, book signings, talks and interviews. She would like addicts to know that even though it may seem that giving up an addiction is insurmountable now, that it can be done and they can live a happy and productive life. It will take discipline, determination and grit. But it's worth it!

Author's Bio: 

Author Linda Joy Allan devotes her free time to reading and singing. She visits nursing home patients several times a month and is a volunteer on a spiritual public access TV show. She lives in Santa Barbara, California. Read Linda's blog at