Do you like mathematics?

Were you a fan of your math classes when you were a child?

As you read through this article you are going to discover how you can use a simple mathematical fact¯one that we all learned in our math classes when we were kids¯to improve your life and become an extremely successful person.

If you remember, one of the earliest math lessons we all learn is addition and subtraction.

We learned that the positive (+) sign increases the value of the output of the equation, while the negative (–) sign decreases the value of the output of the equation.

So whatever number you add to a (+) sign guarantees you an output that is greater than the original number. And whatever number you add to a (–) sign guarantees you an output that is less than the original number.

You can apply this mathematical fact to your daily life and make it work to help you become an extremely valuable and successful person.

The same concept of (+) and (–) signs applies to your attitude.

When you are a positive person who tries to make the best out of any situation, then you will get greater results that are guaranteed to be better than the initial situation. The result you get doesn’t depend on the initial situation you were in¯it only depends on your positive attitude and how you responded to the initial situation, with the aim of increasing the value of the outcome.

Conversely, when you have a negative attitude, you transform any situation, whether it is good or bad to begin with, into a negative that is lower in value than the initial situation. Your negative attitude will decrease your value as a person, will not attract people to you, and will never get you good results.

Think about it. It is better for you to be a positive person who increases the outcome of whatever the circumstances are, than to be a negative person who always complains, makes excuses, and transforms a situation into a negative outcome.

Be positive, because it is your only choice if you want to get better results. Being negative will add nothing to you or your life except more poor results that will lead you to more failures.

The (+) sign is much more powerful than the (–) sign.

The key to better results and great success is having a positive attitude that can turn any situation into a positive outcome.

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Mohamed Tohami (The Success 'Pharaoh') is the author and creator of "The Life Purpose Discovery System: Your Ultimate Guide To A Meaningful Life".

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