Are you a music buff (which most of us are)? Is music your passion and life without music seems like a nightmare? Do you feel the need to convert songs in your PC into different formats such as CD, MP3, WMA and so on? Of course, you would have thought about making your own CDs by using music software. The software allows you to cut CDs, edit music and add ripple and other effects as per your liking. Listening to your favorite songs having your personal touch is simply a great feeling.

There are numerous CD burning software available on the internet. Most of them allow you to freely download music software on a trial basis, which you can use to your advantage. You need to have a PC and internet connection preferably with broadband connectivity for easy and fast download. Even if you have a laptop with a good configuration, it should suffice for the job at hand.

Let us have a look at a few of the most popular CD burner programs available over the internet. Ultra MP3 to CD Burner, Advanced MP3 CD Burner, Eastsea MP3 CD Burner, Super DVD CD Burner, Acoustica MP3 CD Burner, Ace CD Burner, Ease MP3 CD Burner, Adensoft Audio/Data CD Burner and Okoker Mp3 to CD Burner are few of the music software which you can download for burning a CD. A trial version of most of these programs is also available, which allows you to try and test the software before buying the full version. A great way to start and no burden on the pocket as well.

The high quality CD burner allows you to burn the audio files into a CD directly without any distortion in the sound output. Most of the software is equipped with technology for burning songs recorded in various formats such as MP3, WAV or WMA files as CD audio. The CD so burnt can be played on your computer, car audio system, walkman, personal stereo and other players. You can also label your CD. Give names to your songs so as to display the same while playing. The CD burning software allows you to save music stored in one format into a portable CD which can be gifted too, showing your personal touch. This has much more meaning attached to it than simply buying one from a music store.

If you have a CD writer software such as Nero you can directly make audio CDs from MP3 songs stored in your PC. It is a simple mouse click procedure. No need to be an expert in the technology or systems. Just click on the Nero startsmart icon, click the audio icon picture, choose ‘Make MP3 CD’ and select a single or multiple MP3 files which you want to copy. Bingo - you are done. Isn’t it a great way to play and fiddle with your songs? In fact you can also play like a disc jockey copying your favorite song. You will love it, your friends will love it and life will be great… We all want that. Don’t we?

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The author loves recording music. You can set up a home recording studio to do your own digital music recording. Good and inexpensive recording studio equipment is easily available.