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Do you feel frustrated when sales prospects don’t return your calls? Does your anxiety about paying your bills give off a “I’m frantic to get a sale look?”

When you are successful business owner you have a platform to position your product or service with more people. Doors then open to client opportunities. You sell more when your platform is working for you. You can raise your rates and finally have money to go on vacation.

How do you get a platform?

Business success is influence. Influence gives you a voice in your industry. Influence gives you customers that listen. Warning: Influence is not a one-minute sales tip. The proven first step to more influence is to understand how you serve your customer. This requires tough introspection. You need to be serious about serving your customer. Many guru’s call this your unique selling proposition. Many professors call this a point of view. But they don’t tell you that you need to first serve your customer with passion and purpose. If you serve your customers first, you will have success. Profits will follow excellent customer service!

Proven Advice for Understanding your Business Purpose

Increase Your Business Platform Tip One. Understand your primary purpose for serving your client. You could serve clients by increasing their profitability when you are a business selling to another business (B2B). This allows the clients CEO to tame a nasty board of directors. To make this clear to your customers, clearly state the business purpose in your statement of work, in your presentation of information and your action plan. Have a single minded focus on your purpose; to increase their revenue! You could also sell your services to other businesses to decrease their operating costs. This allows them to crush their competition. Your key business purpose for the engagement is a gigantic personal benefit to these key decision makers. They will invite you back again for another engagement if you make them look good.

Easy Ways to Increase your Business Passion

Increase Your Business Platform Tip Two. Understand your key reason you wake up in the morning to serve your customer. Document your key passion. This could become your mission statement. It is a statement of who you are that will attract clients to you. For example, you could enhance customer’s lives in some measurable and tangible way when you are a business selling to customers (B2C).Write down three specific ways that your customers feel as a result of an interaction with your product or service. You may provide information that transforms their thinking which has a benefit of less stress. You may cause them to be more physically vibrant causing them to live life more alive. You can bring them more financial prosperity that increases their confidence about facing their future. These benefits rock! Write your reason down today.

When you don’t understand how to build of platform of business success and influence……. you are missing out. You make your customers miss out. On what? You! Your product or service benefits them and if you do not have a platform for success, you can not enrich the lives of those you serve.

Write down how you serve your customer with passion. Drive all your business activities to this sole purpose. This guarantees that you will have a platform to position your product or service with more people.

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