Many famous people use homeopathic remedies, including Paul McCartney, David Beckham, Whoopi Goldberg and Prince Charles. A homeopathic remedy for agoraphobia can be just as effective as drugs.

Agoraphobia is basically a fear of the physical sensations from a panic attack. People who are agoraphobic don't want to experience it. The only way is through avoidance, hence the agoraphobia.

Easing Panic Attacks Helps Agoraphobia

If an agoraphobic person can calm their panic attacks, then the fear lessens while confidence grows.
Generally, it's not the 'agoraphobia' that's the issue. It's the panic attack that's the real problem.

Calming panic is a major step in recovery. By losing the fear, an agoraphobic person can begin to engage
more and more in activities they once avoided. They can live life again, without the dark cloud of agoraphobia hovering over them.

Homeopathic remedies have worked for many people. Not everyone is the same and therefore, not everything will work for everyone. It's important to realize that. Hypnosis is a good example of this. Not everyone is a good candidate, despite it working for millions.

However, many people have successfully used homeopathic remedies to treat their anxiety-related problems, which include panic attacks and agoraphobia. Always speak to your doctor first. Never try to self diagnose or treat yourself.

People Keep Using What Works For Them

Your homeopath may prescribe aconite or argentum nitricum, mostly associated with panic attacks. However, one product called PureCalm is probably the best remedy for this.

If you suffer from severe panic, anxiety and agoraphobia, you may be asked to take MindSoothe in conjunction with PureCalm. So many people use this product and keep using it, presumably because it is effective for them.

It's unlikely that someone would keep using it if it didn't work! It's reputed to bring relief in a few minutes. Let's face it, that's all an agoraphobic
person wants.

Feeling the scary sensations for a prolonged period is frightening. PureCalm may be just be your answer. It's worth looking into, since homeopathic remedies are quite affordable.

If you want to use a homeopathic remedy for agoraphobia, using PureCalm could help calm the panic attacks, unpleasant sensations as well as the fearful thoughts associated with it.

Homeopathy is generally safe and non-addictive. Because it uses natural ingredients, there usually no side effect or it's minimal. This is likely the reason many people use it instead of turning to drugs.

Author's Bio: 

Giri Anantha was born in Singapore and moved to Canada in 1988. He has extensive knowledge on panic attacks and agoraphobia.