I've long been a student of those who have achieved highlevels of success. Over the years I've noticed severalcommon threads in the makeup of the people I've studied. I'dlike to recount several of those traits for you in the hopethat in identifying them, you can implement these qualitiesinto your own life and in turn be better as a result.

Responsibility, Persistence, and Belief in your owngreatness - In virtually all the cases I've studied, everyperson at some point was faced with obstacles that couldhave kept them from reaching the level of success they areat now. Certainly it would have been easy for each of theseindividuals to simply blame their life's circumstances fortheir lot in life and choose to surrender to the idea thatgreatness was not something they deserved.

Notice I didn't say that the "super achievers" I've studieddid not have issues or pitfalls occur in their lives. No,what makes them different is that they accept the shortfalls and get on with the business of overcoming andcorrecting those things as quickly as possible.

My friend, the fact is that none of us can control where wecome from, or the poverty that we may or may not have beenborn into. However, what we can do is to begin moving pastwhat stands in our way now, and start doing what it takes toimprove our place in life. To accept where you are now,because you might happen to have less then someone else issimply not an excuse that I hope you will allow to stand inyour way.

I assure you that no matter what might be standing in yourway, there is someone in the world that has a story ofthings that stood in their way that will put yours or mineto shame... Yet somehow they plugged on until they found the"magic key" that unlocked what was blocking their way.

As you move forward on your success journey and begin tobelieve that you are cut out for greatness be sure to reachfor and review the countless stories of those that haveovercome what was in their way and reached their owndefinition of success. Let these examples be your fuel asyou move towards your own dreams.

The reality is that you were born for great things, even ifyou can't fathom this to be true at this time in your life-- I assure you it is still so.

I'm not saying for a moment that it's always going to be aneasy path to follow. After all, if life were all a bed ofroses we'd all be living the good life. But sadly, that'snot so, life takes work, it takes commitment, it takes a lotof persistence, and a commitment to oneself to be the bestone possibly can be.

I'll leave you with this final point. If you knew just howmuch greatness is inside you I'm convinced it wouldabsolutely amaze you -- you would live each day taking morechances because you knew that with each attempt you're onestep closer to unlocking greater success. So my challengefor you at this very moment is to get on with the businessof being the best you can be. Dream big dreams, plan and putthe action necessary to bring out the great achievements youare capable of.

Yours in success, Josh Hinds

(c) 2004

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