The answers to so many of the problems that surround us in society are as close to you as your local Scientology Volunteer Minister, who has been called upon time and again to bring effective help and practical solutions to their fellow man, whether it be for a national crisis or a personal one.

For more than a quarter century, the Volunteer Minister programme has crossed national, racial, political and religious boundaries in more than 150 countries to help people deal successfully with the upheavals of existence and restore order, dignity and happiness to their lives.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers know how to help in times of crisis — be they in the form of personal, family, career, job, business, governmental or natural catastrophes. They are equipped with specialised knowledge and a wide range of skills that can alleviate and resolve many of the major sources of travail.

These volunteers take seriously their responsibility for the condition of their communities. They are constantly vigilant, keeping a caring eye on those who might need a hand. When alerted — be it by a friend, a neighbour, their city, or their nation — they never hesitate to rise to the challenge and provide assistance.

In establishing the Volunteer Minister programme in the mid-1970s in a response to rising crime and violence in society, L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology religion, provided society with tools for helping and practical solutions based on understanding and compassion — and he made them available for use by Scientologists and non-Scientologists alike.

Thus was born a broad-based movement of individuals from all walks of life dedicated to providing practical assistance to others in communities around the world. By applying fundamental Scientology techniques for helping, which anyone can use, Volunteer Ministers embody the truth that, when Scientology is used, conditions improve.

Author's Bio: 

Linda Simmons Hight is the Media Relations Director for Church of Scientology International. Previously she was a writer and editor and publisher of the Church's human rights investigative journal, Freedom Magazine, founded in 1968 and has been active in working with the Scientology Volunteer Ministers program