Every show needs an audience. Every performer needs a stage and so does every entrepreneur! A few weeks back, we talked about the importance of building a list and some "how to's" to building your list. Once you get those guests in your database, then what?

It is crucial to authenticity that you communicate with your list in a genuine way. Offer good information, helpful suggestions, and sharp insights about your expert area. In other words, give away your best stuff!

Your list is your audience. It becomes your community, and the better you treat your community, the more your business grows. There are lots of ways to communicate, but I find one of the best ways to be is a monthly ezine. The more you touch them, the more people look to lean on your guidance and that is good for both community and business!

Here are some quick tips to touch your list!

1) Have a weekly or, minimally monthly, newsletter. You need to be in touch with your audience regularly - start with a monthly newsletter and then as your confidence grows and your list builds, communicate with them more often. If the jump from monthly to weekly seems too big, try every two weeks as a stepping stone into a weekly publication.

2) Offer special opportunities ONLY to your list. An early bird rate, a free gift, or an event are a few examples. Give them a reason to stay on your list - they know that as a subscriber they get extra 'goodies'.

3) Remember to keep it real! I like writing about my dog, meals or trips. I AM more than my business. I hope you appreciate that and enjoy my silliness on occasion.

4) Ask for feedback and input. Have others share an article or highlight a client's success story. Client case studies always make a great article and you can show off your expertise too!

5) Don't worry if people unsubscribe. Really. It is ok. Your information is not for everybody. You would rather be talking to people who WANT to listen anyway. Unsubscribes are normal AND a very good thing in creating an interested community. If seeing the unsubscribe notifcations bothers you that much, create a rule so that they always get sent straight to your 'deleted' folder!

Be sure you are reaching your list and sharing your very best insights. Your subscribers will appreciate it and look forward to hearing from you!

(c) 2009 Suzanne Evans

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