Oh my gosh; nobody has any money, you have a sales manager threatening to cut you loose, and you can’t sell anyone anything! What are you going to tell your family and friends? How are you going to pay your bills? What are you going to do now?

First, stop the conversation that’s going on in your head. All that negative self-talk won’t allow you to turn things around. Take a reality check. You can sell. You’ve been selling since you were a little kid. You just can’t sell doing it the way you’ve been shown to do it because it’s manipulative, coercive, and demeaning for both you and your prospects. Yes, you might get cut loose that isn’t your decision and it isn’t in your control. What you can control is the actions you’ll take to invest in yourself and make the changes you need to make to get the results you want to get. You’re going to tell your family and friends that you’ve come to the realization that you have to invest in yourself so you can get what you and your family wants. You’re going to develop a plan, get a loan, call in your chips do whatever it takes to pay your bills and get the help you need to succeed.

Second, understand that success in anything is directly proportional to your commitment to action. That doesn’t mean you keep doing the things you already know don’t work. It does mean you develop your plan, set your goals, take the actions to implement and fulfill those goals, and you make the small corrections you need to take to keep yourself continuously moving toward what you want.

Third; focus your commitment, persistence, and determination on getting what YOU want. You don’t get up every morning and take actions throughout the day to make a sales manager happy. You do it because those actions are in alignment with what you want for yourself and your family and your clients. Those actions are taking you closer to sales success and what you want.

Finally, aim small miss small and fail forward fast. No one ever succeeds big without aiming small missing small and failing forward fast. Set your sights on the life you want, establish those small incremental goals that will get you there, make corrections immediately as needed to stay on target, and learn from your mistakes. If I asked you to hop in your car and drive to a destination that you’ve never been to before may not even know exists without a maps or GPS or any outside means of navigation, you’d have to make that trip by aiming small missing small and failing forward fast or you’d run out of the resources to get there. How is your sales success any different?

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