“Discomfort is not a problem to be solved, not an enemy to be fought, not a monster to escape from; but instead an energetic relationship within, to be owned with courage and grace, and transformed through total acceptance, divine wisdom, and love.”
Joe Hurley

We all experience discomfort at one point or another in our lives. And many people have been experiencing some intense discomfort lately. In this article, I focus on the subject of healing discomfort.

As an energy sensitive person, I sense disharmony in very acute ways. I sense disharmony both internally within myself and externally within the dynamics around me.

Earlier in life, I became lost in the discomfort I sensed. I became so lost that I adopted an identity of being a victim. Thank goodness those days are gone. Today, I have expanded my consciousness and my identity beyond the role of victim and beyond any role that I choose to play. Today, from an expanded place of consciousness, I have much more freedom and choice with regard to the energy dynamics that I choose to work with, play with, and create.

Today, when I sense disharmony and discomfort, I take the time to really face it, sense it, listen to it and learn from it. And then, I shift. Instead of getting stuck in it, I open up to my higher self and I ask for divine wisdom.

Sometimes, I get clear information immediately to help me. Other times I get nothing, but hours later when I am not thinking about it, the wisdom and support that I need to resolve the disharmony comes in to heal the discomfort. In every case, when I ask for divine wisdom and help, I always receive the help that I need.

There are many gifts that come from the higher frequencies of divine awareness. My favorites are the energies of courage, grace, wisdom, and love. These are the tools of lighter consciousness that always come when I ask for help. These are the energies of light that are available to all of us when we choose to open and heal.

We are each beings of light consciousness. When we accept the lighter and higher vibrational parts of self, we heal, and we begin to create the loving joyful life that we truly desire.

If you are experiencing discomfort right now, turn and look at it directly. Listen to it. Sense it. Feel it. Hear what it saying and know it completely.

Discomfort is communicating to you. Open to this communication. You may not like the dynamic now, but open to the wisdom of the communication and respect the source of your discomfort. Discomfort exists for a reason. As you understand this, you gain the key to healing your discomfort.

If you get confused by your discomfort or lost in your reaction to your discomfort, then remember to open to the wisdom and love of your higher consciousness. And remember to let go of control. Let the clarity and support come in ways never before imagined.

There is an unlimited supply of courage, grace, wisdom, and unconditional love flowing through your fields to help and support you. These energies are free and available to you, right now. These energies are you.

With courage, you can face anything. With divine wisdom, you can become clear in any situation. With grace you can let go and accept unconditional love within any dynamic.

Simply take a moment and ask your divine energies to guide you, inspire you, and heal you. Give permission, open, and receive.

This is your time.

- Joe Hurley

Author's Bio: 

Joe Hurley is an author, visionary, multidimensional communication specialist, and healing energy consultant from Seattle, Washington. His books include: When Spirits Dance, How To Be A Divine Presence In Everyday Life, Parables of Light, Beyond Illusion, Divine Heart Presence, The Five-Step Healing Reaction Guide, and The Four-Step Guide To Self-Healing. For more about his vision and teaching, please visit his website: www.TheDivineHeart.com

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