He's Just Not That Into You, the bestseller - turned - movie starring Jennifer Aniston, debunks the obsessive thoughts single women have about hotties who sweep into and out of their lives. Single women women make up excuses to justify fantasies about unavailable men. "They waste hours and hours thinking about how, He's on a deadline at work, He's out of the country, or, my personal favorite, He's really in the process of leaving his wife," says Dr. Diana Kirschner, author of Love in 90 Days: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Own True Love, the new #1 dating book on Amazon, "None of the stories are the reason he doesn't call, text, or email. The real reason is: he's just not that into you."

How do single women know when to fish or cut bait? Just how do they know if a guy is just not into them? Dr. Diana has adapted a simple Quiz for Valentine's Day, He's Just Not That Into You, from her new book, Love in 90 Days. Some of the key characteristics include whether your boyfriend is:

1. Eager to see you
2. Reluctant to leave you
3. Wants regular consistent contact, asks for dates
4. Interested in you and your life
5. Wants to be helpful
6. Is verbally and physically affectionate
7. Wants to be romantic and sexual with you
8. Texts, emails or calls regularly
9. Acts like you are very special; doesn't really want to date others
10. If you are dating other men--willing to hang in there
11. Becoming more attentive and loving over time
12. Becoming more open to sharing his feelings and thoughts
13. Becoming more open to sharing his living space and social life.
14. Saying he loves you
15. Saying he wants a future with you

Dr. Diana says, "Bottom line: if you want to find the One, look for a man who provides regular and consistent contact that gets better over time. You should find yourself continually surprised at how he fills your needs to be chosen, appreciated, romanced and celebrated for who you are. Envision this kind of love and choose guys who are that into you. The Love in 90 Days book has the tools to help you make it all happen." To take Dr. Diana's quiz and see whether your boyfriend is that into you, go to He's Just Not That Into You.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Diana stars in a one-woman show, Finding Your Own True Love, which is a PBS Pledge Special, based on her book, Love in 90 Days, to be released to PBS affiliates in March, 2009. She runs the 90 Day Love Challenge on FOX's Morning Show with Mike and Juliet (12 Week Series through April 2, 2009); is a recurring guest relationship expert on The Today Show and has appeared on Oprah, along with 100s of radio shows.