In our self-healing workshops, we teach a very real principle called the LOVE SWITCH. I know! I know! At first blush it sounds like a sissy statement if you are a guy, but hear me out. The SWITCH is a real problem that you need to know about if you want to be well and stay well. Many people are exhibiting illness symptoms today simply because they are shut off from receiving life giving energy.

We are dealing with reality here. We are all taking in energy all the time in the form of radio waves, TV waves, cosmic energy and so forth; over those we have no control. One of the good energies coming to us, called Divine Love, can be received and utilized within us to make major changes in our system. Sounds cool and it is.

Years ago we developed and still teach a very effective self-healing process that we call the DIVINE LOVE GROUP HEALING PROCESS (DLGHP). Now please don’t break into a sweat, the Process is FREE. And by the way - yes, it really does work and is being used by thousands of people world-wide.

Access your free copy of the DLGHP at:
Then take a few minutes to scan through SECTION 1 to get familiar with the DLGHP.

Now back to the LOVE SWITCH - We found through trial and error that people accept or reject energy consciously and subconsciously. Whenever we are hurt emotionally or physically, our protective mechanisms kick in and automatically block energy from entering our bodies. This has a very bad long-term effect because we need to be able to receive energy to rejuvenate our cells and stay well, otherwise they die or mutate.

The ideal would be to keep our LOVE SWITCH in the ON position all the time. If we do that we are assured that we will be taking in the needed energy.

Now let’s say you want to change a behavior trait in yourself. Go to a quiet room without distractions. Use the DLGHP and you will probably get the desired results you want in minutes, provided that your LOVE SWITCH stays ON. Otherwise the Process stops.

Your probably thinking right now, “OK, got it. Use the Process and get rid of my.... Hey hold on there. If I don’t get a result in a few minutes, how can I test to see if my LOVE SWITCH is OFF? And how do I turn it ON again if it is off?”

Here’s the answer. See if your behavior has changed through self-observation and take note on how you now view the thing that you sought to correct. Give yourself sufficient time to experience the change. If you do not feel that you have changed behavior, assume that your SWITCH turned OFF because your attention was interrupted. All one has to do is to use the Process again and insert as the problem statement of the Petition, “there are things causing me to shut off Divine Love....” Wait a ½ hour or so, then observe the behavior trait and see if you can detect a change. If not, repeat the exact same problem statement in the Petition until you are certain that your LOVE SWITCH has stayed on AND you have gotten the desired behavior change. (You can use reflexology to test your condition of change or switch condition.)

Once you have cleared your system to receive Divine Love energy continuously, you can use the DLGHP to make changes in your system.

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Leading-edge expert in human energy healing; author of two healing books; lecturer and energy scientist for past 29 years. Director of World Service Institute a non-profit teaching company that provides two training programs called Understanding and Applying Divine Love and the Divine Love Group Healing Process.