Video games are a part of life. And a child playing video games is no crime. Parents must learn that the world is changing and that children need to be brought up a little differently from a decade ago. Instead it is better if parent learn all they can about video gaming and allow their children to play video games safely.

Video games can be beneficial or harmful depending on which games are played. Many gaming associations, manufacturers and PTAs help parents learn all about video games and how to monitor gaming. There are magazines as well as online websites that have articles and reviews as well as tips on gaming. These are informative and act as guidelines for parents who are relatively new to the nuances of gaming.

• Games are mainstream now so teach the kids all about gaming taboos and safety rules.

• Choose games that are appropriate to the ages of the kids and be sure to read the ratings as well as reviews before buying any game.

• When buying a game system buy one that has extra controllers so that kids can play with friends and parental controls. This will enable you to control games being played and the children will become socially adept by playing with others.

• Always allow children to play video games in the family room or parlor. A social location for gaming is safer than in their own rooms out of sight of adults.

• Avoid encouraging children to play “bad” games. Games that are filled with violence and aggressions. Know the content of games by speaking to other parents and older children.

• Games are reviewed unbiased at sites like and

• Monitor the distance at which the kids play games. There are several tips on how to play video games right on the World Wide Web which outline sitting posture, distance from the monitor or television screen, the number of hours one should play and so on.

• Set down the rules right at the beginning. Rules care simple and do able: limit the video gaming time; allow video gaming with local friends only; if children are small do not encourage gaming online, emphasize that the children are not to play with or chat with strangers.

• Befriend your child so that he or she will tell you if a game uses inappropriate language. And if they do play online to block unsavory characters form getting in touch with the kids.

• Emphasize that they are never to reveal their personal details, phone numbers, and addresses to strangers online or offline.

• Children must learn that they cannot borrow video games from friends without your knowledge.

Make time to play with the children and teach them how to deal with life and judge what is right and wrong. Gaming can be enjoyable if done right.

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