My favorite quote is: “I’ll see it when I believe it”. Over the years my mind has challenged this perspective on life, doubted it and even dismissed it at times when I most needed to heed its message. It negates the cultural belief system I grew up in, which, in a nutshell, suggests that we as human beings are at the affect of what is happening in the world around us and that we have little or no control over our life experience. I call this the victim mentality.

Over a decade has passed wherein I have challenged the accuracy of the belief system I grew up with. I have experimented within the lab of my own life and I have concluded within the scope of my own observations and experience that I am not a victim of circumstance. I now know that my life experiences are not random and that my state of mind is greatly responsible for shaping my life experiences.

A few years ago, while still a graduate student trying to juggle many financial obligations, I was unable to pay for one of my graduate courses upfront. Skipping a course and postponing my graduation date was, in my mind, not an option but this still left me clueless as to how I would pay for my course that month.

At that point in my life I had at my disposal a large ’toolbox’ of methods to support me shift my thoughts into ones that were more aligned with the experiences I desired. One of the tools in my precious toolbox included the use of positive affirmations, a method highly effective in training my mind to hold a crystal clear focus of whatever it is I wanted to bring into my life experience. Although I had experienced ‘miracles' in the past by implementing this tool, I did not consistently use it. I still harbored leftover beliefs that diminished the powerful experiences I had when I did use this tool.

Luckily for me, I was so desperate to create enough money to continue my coursework that I was willing to apply the methods I had learned once again. And so, with all the enthusiasm I could muster, I went about creating an affirmation board by typing out the following affirmations

"I have more money than I’ll ever need or desire"
"Money, money, money is coming to me from everywhere."
" My tuition is easily and gracefully paid for.”

On my board I also added the image of a bag of money alongside the affirmations. This visual helped me invoke my emotions and engage my imagination as I said the affirmations.

I printed three copies of my affirmation board and drove to Kinkos to have them laminated. I proceeded to place one board in my shower, another on my bathroom mirror and the last by my computer. These were places I was sure to frequent daily!

Every morning and night I repeated these affirmations while washing away in the shower (I sang them out loud!), while brushing my teeth (silently repeating them in my mind) and while working at my computer (I took several declaration breaks). I actually enjoyed saying them and they became a welcome ritual in my daily routine! After a mere three days I found myself wholeheartedly immersed in the process, inspired by the sense of abundance and flow my positive affirmations were instilling in me. I completely let go of the results and the reason I introduced the affirmations into my routine in the first place! I was feeling great and that was that!

About two weeks into this process, I received a phone call from the university where I was pursuing my master's degree in counseling psychology. The voice on the other end told me that she had good news to impart to me. I was caught completely off guard when she informed me that an anonymous donor wanted to pay the tuition for a course of my choice. I had no idea that was even an option at my graduate school, especially during the middle of a school year. Besides, how was my name chosen? Who even knew about my situation - I had shared it with no-one!

My desire was fulfilled so precisely that it really caught my attention this time! As I put down the receiver my eyes welled with tears of gratitude and humility. At that moment I felt so connected to something sacred, to something much bigger than myself, to an invisible field of support, love and abundance …it was all so real and palpable to me! My desire was delivered to me and a sense of deep gratitude permeated every cell of my being as I walked around in sheer bliss during the days that followed.

Quantum physicists refer to the “invisible field of support” I experienced as a ‘quantum field’. At the risk of over simplifying this complex theory, this field consists of a myriad of potential possibilities which can be “collapsed” into physical matter by the focused intent - by the focused thoughts, of the observer. The movie “What the Bleep Do We Know", beautifully brings this seemingly complex concept to life. However, as fascinating as this theory sounds, it simply remains a theory, if one has no personal or direct experience of its workings!

Yes, positive affirmations work. They support you in focusing your intent and thoughts on that which your heart desires, be it harmony and love in a challenging relationship or buying the home of your dreams!

You are responsible for filling in your wish list. The ‘quantum field’ is responsible for delivering it to you. You are responsible for envisioning and declaring your wish list as already done. The ‘quantum field’ is responsible for figuring out how to deliver your wish list to you.

Positive affirmations are to be written in the present tense. Write them as if you are already living that which you desire. If you desire a new home, do not affirm that you ‘want’ a beautiful home for you do not want to bring forth the experience of ‘wanting’. Do not specify particular strategies or ‘the how’ of fulfilling your dream as you may want to leave the ‘how’ to the quantum field of infinite potentiality. This field may deliver to you opportunities and solutions that are beyond what your mind could ever conceive. Declare yourself already having, living and experiencing that which you most desire. Engage all your senses when you say your affirmations. Smell the scent of the roses growing on the front lawn of your desired home; feel yourself bathing in your deluxe jacuzzi; sense the joy you experience while watching beautiful sunsets from your bedroom window. Have fun and let your imagination soar. After all, why would you want to experience anything less in your own fantasy!

After you have done all that, let go, detach and be grateful for what you already have! Detach from specific timelines and know that all you desire, in alignment with your highest good, will show up in the perfect timing for you! Know that your wish list is being fulfilled and expect to joyfully receive all that you asked for!

To conclude, I urge you not to believe a word I say or buy into any theories. I urge you to be inspired by my own experience and use positive affirmations in your own life. Become a scientist in your own lab - experiment with your life and observe your results! Happy Manifesting!

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Tal Shai, MA (Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Spiritual Psychology) is an Intuitive Life Coach who helps people all over the planet create the life of their dreams. She is the author of the Intuition Heart Cards and Guidebook, an interactive tool designed to support groups and individuals access their inner guidance. TO JUMPSTART YOUR BIG DREAMS GET YOUR FREE 7 WEEK E-COURSE "The 7 Key Questions to Propel You Towards the Life of Your Dreams". Sign up for this FREE e-course at: