It's that time of year when you either dread or love the holiday season. With the hustle and bustle and myriad of obligations it can be crazy making. Add to that the fact that you may get the opportunity to spend parts of the holiday with family members you rarely see (and some that drive you nuts) and it might seem like you have no control over your holiday experience whatsoever.

I'm here to say it simply isn't so. I don't expect you to take it from me at face value that you create your own reality and your own best or worst holiday. I invite you to take a lesson from the Who's in Whoville.

The timeless classic "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" is a classic Dr. Seuss tale. In it lies the secret to not only having a great holiday but having a great life.

In the story, the Grinch hates Christmas. He hates how the Who's in Whoville are always so happy and joyous for the holiday. He hates the love, the singing, the joy, and everything about it. So, he decides to steal Christmas from them. He steals all their decorations, food, toys, and gifts. He figures this will ruin their holiday and there'll be no celebrating or joy.

To his utmost surprise, though, Christmas comes anyway. The Who's don't have any of their "stuff" and the day certainly doesn't look as they planned but they are happy anyway. They sing with glee and gather together in love to celebrate anyway! They sing and dance, and exude joy and happiness despite any of the Grinch's efforts. The true spirit of the holiday exists within their hearts and that is all that mattered.

While the story might sound a little sappy and the song "Dahoo Doray" gets stuck in your head for days after watching it, the essence of the tale holds a message for all of us. The real things in this world can never be bought and we create our own reality regardless of the circumstances around us. How can you shift your perspective and create a wonderful day right now? How might you approach the holiday with a different mindset to enjoy it immensely regardless of how others act or what they believe? What kind of person will you need to be to create 2007 as your best year ever?

Create a fabulous holiday and New Year!

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Paula Gregorowicz is the owner of The Paula G Company which partners with women who don't like what they spend their days doing and helps them blow the lid off their wildest dreams. Learn more at her website .