Gout NSIDs have been a popular topic lately because of their utter ineffectiveness when it comes to treating gout. Because nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are most doctors' best treatment for this painful form of arthritis, many sufferers are trying simple alternative home treatments to cure gout.

If you are interested in causing more pain in the long run, you should continue to use Gout NSAIDs. If you are looking to cure gout completely, you may wish to read this article to learn more about the fastest growing treatment for gout… alternative remedies.

How to Disfigure your Joint and Cause More Pain?

If you suffer from gout and have visited a doctor lately, you most likely were prescribed NSAIDs to treat your pain. NSAIDS work by relieving the pain and swelling that is caused by this disease. Unfortunately, these drugs do nothing for curing gout.

In fact, many doctors believe that gout is a disease that you do not want to treat with these painkillers. This is because pain is actually needed to tell you to stop putting unneeded pressure on the joint. Patients who take painkillers are much more likely to disfigure the joint and cause additional pain down the road.

If you are suffering with this form of arthritis, you need to learn what foods, vitamins, herbs, supplements and exercises can cure gout naturally. Here are some FREE tips for you to try today.

How to Cure Gout Naturally and Heal Your Joints

If your doctor did not tell you, gout is caused when the body is not able to flush uric acid effectively. A healthy individual will be able to flush uric acid through their urine. However, a person who is eating the wrong foods or is overweight may not be so lucky.

Uric acid is the byproduct of eating foods which are high in purines. After your body consumes the purines, the body converts them to uric acid which is then flushed through the urine. With all of this said, research has shown it is possible to cure and prevent gout with a healthier lifestyle.

Here are some tips that include your diet, vitamins, herbs and lifestyle.

1. Fruits are important to eat because they give the body vitamin C and help the body flush itself with water soluble fiber. You should immediately supplement blue-red fruits such as cherries, blueberries, strawberries, and grapes. Eat a serving (1 cup) at each sitting.

2. Vitamin therapy is also important. For instance, one critical vitamin you need is vitamin C. Vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid, can help reduce uric acid levels in the bloodstream which will lessen the gout attacks. You will get enough vitamin C if you are eating plenty of fruits and vegetables but you can also supplement 2000 mg daily. Oranges are a popular choice too!

3. Herbal therapy is possibly the most popular treatment for this disease because there are so many herbs that neutralize uric acid. For instance, alfalfa is an excellent herb to try because it will help neutralize high uric acid levels. It addition to its high source of minerals and nutrients, alfalfa has been shown to help dramatically reduce uric acid.

4. Lifestyle changes are important too. For instance, drinking plenty of water is helpful while staying away from alcohol is also important. Trying to maintain a healthy weight is also important. Many patients have also slowly started to exercise their joints to build up the muscles around joint to alleviate the stress on joints.

How to Avoid Gout NSAIDs

Though these tips will help you, there is more…

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