Here you are, attempting to live a healthy life. Yet you are pulled from two sides.

On the One Hand, there are more toxins, pollutants, noise stressors, and family and job stressors. Your body has a full time job just keeping up. If you do most of the things you are supposed to do, you are probably still falling behind.

On the Other Hand, the food you are eating and stuff that is in it are not supporting your dealing with your life; they are undermining it, if not directly sabotaging you. Even the vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds are mostly coming from denatured and often polluted soil, fed by contaminated water and sprayed with chemicals that are absorbed by your body.

Your liver gets overloaded from toxins and stores the surplus in fat cells. In spite of exercise and diet, your body remains fat. Well, thank your body! It is saving your life by storing toxins and preventing toxic overload of your organs. It does a great job…until it reaches a point of tolerance. Then it begins to break down. Immune function declines and organ system become sluggish.

If you are gaining weight despite dieting and exercise, it’s not your fault. You personally didn’t produce the pollutants, foul the water or spray the produce. Knowing that this is going on in the environment is your responsibility though.

The first part of your responsibility is for you to not contribute to pollution of the planet. The second part is that you need to stop polluting yourself. The third part of your responsibility is to clean up your inner environment. Otherwise your poor body has not much of a chance of resisting so-called normal aging, dysfunction and premature death.

However, you are not likely not to hear about this from your government. First off, governments move slowly. Secondly, special interest groups want to block this kind of information from you. For example, the food companies have recently banned together in a new lobby to protect their rights to advertise even in the face of data showing that it correlates with increasing obesity in children.

There are many vested interests even in the “healthy” products industries that don’t want you to know about the “new” nutrition. The new nutrition expands the idea of food as we commonly use it today. It goes beyond just what we eat, and includes water and everything in our lifestyle selection, asking the question if it is feeding us or not.

The idea that nutrition is that which feeds us has escaped most of our attention despite hundreds of seminars, radio and TV shows, papers, magazines, articles, ezines, etc. There is a desperate need for “Truth in Living. Think about it and you will see that anything that is nurturing can be classified as food. If it doesn’t, it isn’t.

This is startling information for those who, already under environmental pressures threatening to overwhelm the bodily systems, continue to eat what corporate America wants them to eat. What corporate America wants you to buy is mostly not what you would want to feed yourself if you knew all of the facts about how your body works.

This is not new information for you. You have simply ignored to the point where is it now making a difference in your life. Maybe you just feel tired or run-down. Has it reached a point yet where what you are feeding yourself is a kind of semi-conscious suicide? You probably know people who are doing this.

Do you know and still feed yourself unconsciously? That’s because you have become addicted to eating stuff—some call it abusing substance—that gives you a payoff now and then you suffer later. Usually the hangover isn’t sufficient to make you swear off repeating the behavior. An ugly fact is that those selling the addictive substances planned it that way.

Without your feeding your mindbody system what it most needs, you surely are headed for physical limitation. In fact, most people have already damaged their systems and experience limitation of function or pain. The bad news is that the average person isn’t very healthy. The good news, however, is that most everyone can feel better and improve health.

4 Steps to Take

1. Inspect your kitchen. Get rid of everything that isn’t food. Get it out and keep it out.
2. Exercise—walk whenever and wherever you can. Perform exercises that increase your oxygenation because your entire mindbody system suffers if you are not absorbing an adequate amount of oxygen through your breathing.
3. Meditate—Learn to quiet the mind so you can relax. Otherwise chronic stress can destroy your immune system. Listen to peaceful music if meditation is challenging for you—meaning sit and listen and let your muscles become soft.
4. Drink More Pure Water. Chlorine and fluorine are poisons to the human system. Even bathing in chlorinated water is unhealthy. Get a filter for your drinking and shower water.

Your doing any one of these things will help you feel better. Doing them all could reverse aging, increase vitality and add zest for living.

Mostly, as energetic beings who derive our nutrients second hand from plants and animals, we all need to look at our diet:


If what is already known were acted upon, including eliminating sugar, toxic oils, and processed foods, the entire population would witness lower medical costs, reduced personal suffering and longer, more active senior years. Knowing about it isn’t enough.

You have to build healthy habits in alignment with the latest knowledge of how your mindbody functions as an energetic whole. Then you have to find a way to break the addiction to whatever it is that you wish to eliminate. Here’s one way for you:

Make a list of five items that you already know about and would eliminate from your diet if you were to make it as healthy as possible. Rank them in order of importance to health.

Begin by eliminating those to which you are not addicted and cutting back on those to which you are. Your may not be addicted to a specific product, only the chemicals that are in it. Sugar definitely needs to be eliminated. If you are hooked on needing more than a couple of cups of coffee daily, instead of going “cold turkey” and suffering headaches as a result, decrease your intake. You can cut back the numbers of cups you drink, substitute non-caffeinated teas, and water down the coffee you do drink. I don’t suggest decaffeinated coffee because of the chemicals used in most commercial processing.

Gradually then, substitute healthier choices for previously unhealthy ones. When you have eliminated or significantly reduced the top five items on your target list, pick another five. Over time, making small changes you can accomplish wonders. Then, shop consciously with the question in your mind, “Would I buy this for someone I loved and wanted to be healthy and live a long time?” You are on your way!

Your body is a wonder of self healing capability. All you have to do is give it a chance by eliminating those things that do not feed you from your daily D I E T.

Author's Bio: 

Tom Goode, Naturopath and founder of the Internationl Breath Institute, is the author of 5 books for the conscious soul. His latest, Fabulous Fat Prevention, a holistic health management program, and free ezine can be found at