The THREE powerful factors that could be stopping you, as a Holistic Practitioner, from earning what you are worth, and what to do about them.
1. Money.
If you feel that you really don't earn the money you and your service are worth, or you are struggling to make ends meet, or still working part/full time in a job you hate while trying to grow your holistic practice, then there may be an underlying conflict of interest which is sabotaging your efforts.
Out of a genuine desire to help and heal fellow human beings, many practitioners give away a lot of their services for free or charge very low prices.
In doing so, they undermine themselves and their service, and end up running round like drained headless chickens. Often the clients who have received the most for free, tend to be the biggest complainers and nothing is ever good enough for them.
If you have ever caught yourself saying any of the following, you may have some underlying negative beliefs about money and success, which are blocking abundant flows of money from coming to you.
· People (who need/ want my service) can't afford…/won't pay
· Everyone else charges £x… and people won't pay more
· I will lose all my clients if I raise my prices
· I feel guilty about charging that much
· Money and trappings incongruent with "spiritual" values
· Money doesn't motivate me- I do this out of a desire to help others
These may also be coupled with some general limiting beliefs which a lot of people have about themselves:
· I don't deserve
· People won't love and accept me if I have money
· "Filthy" Rich people are all mean, nasty selfish crooks who rob people and rip them off to get their success
2. Universal dumping ground
Do you ever feel like a honey pot that magnetically attracts people and their problems? Often they dump on you, they go away feeling better and you are still worrying about them.
Many holistic practitioners find themselves treated as a "Mr or Ms Fix-It" who gets the blame when things go wrong in client's lives and are then expected to pick up the pieces.
Some of the issues that arise here are:
· A sense of responsibility for that person- they are my client, they need my help and they are paying me to "fix them"
· They won't like me, or won't come back if I give them back the responsibility for their problems
3. Boundaries
Unless you have clear boundaries in place, many people seem to think they can turn up on your doorstep when that needs fixing. If you are like many holistic practitioners you may find it difficult to go out socially, because invariably someone will ask what you do, and within 5 minutes you are engrossed in a conversation about their ailments and the remedy- all for free!
For many holistic practitioners there can be some unhelpful beliefs about self worth lurking under the surface. Have you ever done any of the following:

· Allowed a client's session to over run and still charged them the same?
· Waived your no-show fee for a regular offender?
· Regularly started a session late because the client was late and then run over into the next session?
· Booked a client in on your day off, or later than you would normally work or cancelled a personal arrangement to see a client because that is "the only time they can come"?

What's the answer?
1. List of things I desire/ I choose to no longer have. Write all the things in your life that you would like to change, from money to health to relationships, to the way you allow clients to treat you. Write it with as much feeling as you can. Then write all the things you desire to have in your life.
You'll probably find the "realistic voice of reason" will chip in here, telling you all the reasons why you can't do, have and be all the things of your dreams. It is really important to silence this voice, even if it is just for a few moments. You can focus on the "how to " later.
Look at the 2 lists and decide which you would like to be true, and burn the other. Release all the negative up to the Universe for transmutation into positive energy.
2. Catch yourself giving yourself a hard time. Listen to your thoughts for a few minutes, and notice the ratio of positive to negative thoughts. Listen for the next time you are unkind to yourself, or tell yourself you can't do something and listen for the reasons you give yourself

3. Question them. Ask yourself 1) if that belief is really true- could you categorically prove it in a court of law? 2) Can you think of one stress free reason to keep that thought or belief? 3) Who would you be if you did not have that belief? 4) What is the opposite of that belief? 5) Which do you choose as true for you? 5) Start to act as if it really were true for you and it will become your new reality very quickly

4. Power Question. Ask yourself- What would I like in my life? Why don't I have it yet? Listen for the reasons that come up and then question them.

5. Money is… finish the sentence with as many answers as you can. This will give you a good idea of your beliefs around money.

6. Power of Intention. Set an intention to clear all negative beliefs about yourself and money, and to choose new ones. This is hugely powerful and mountains literally start to move for you.

7. Compl E mentary versus Compl I mentary.
Holistic Practitioners are often referred to as "Compl E mentary Therapists", complement meaning to go together with something else and make it even better. Yet spoken quickly "Compl I mentary" meaning FREE of charge, sounds almost identical. Is it any wonder people think your services are free?

8. EFT- Emotional Freedom technique. This is a very powerful technique, whereby you can release stuck energy by tapping on certain commonly recognised acupuncture points.
Specifically for money, these run across the head from ear to ear. If you tap firmly on your head in a cross over pattern, saying phrases such as "Money flows to me, I am flowing mine, Money is good, money is spiritual, money is love, energy, freedom" you can release stuck energies.

Also, if you are feeling a sense of overwhelm, particularly in relation to money, you can press firmly on the centre of your brow to release the pressure. For more information on specific uses of EFT, visit

9. Relaxation. Most limiting beliefs were created at an unconscious level as a child and the easiest way to clear them is at the same level. Through relaxation you can do that, without needing to go back and re-experience the pain that may be associated with the original memory. We have a range of relaxation CDs that can help you do just that.
10. Value Yourself and your Time. Do something outrageous- like doubling your prices and work half as much time with half as many clients. You may lose some clients, but you will certainly gain others. For many people, a higher price is actually perceived as a better service. Practice saying NO! People will respect you for it.

11. Treat yourself like your highest paying client. You are your most valuable asset. so treat yourself to all those wonderful things that you love, which make you feel special. If you go to someone for a massage, don't do it because you are trying to stop your aching muscles from ageing, do it instead because you are a beautiful, valuable person and you deserve it!

12. Think Empower. The more you can give your client's back the responsibility for their own well being, the more you can empower them, and the less "dependant" they will be on you. They will still come back for treatments for the sheer fun and pleasure of it, and you are likely to find that both you and the client feel energised, because you are no longer responsible for their lives.

13. Multiple sources of income. Rather than work flat out for 8,10,12 or more hours a day, could you create other products which people can use at home, such as CDs, DVDs, workbooks? Could you teach people how to do a basic treatment at home for themselves? Could you have it recorded and sell the DVDs or CDs? How could you work smarter and earn twice as much, working half as many hours?
With abundant blessings
Amanda Goldston
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