Is your cat constantly meowing? A cat meowing can sure get irritating, especially since it usually gets louder when they don't get what they want.

However, a cat doesn't just meow to hear themselves. They are trying to get a message across. What is your cat trying to tell you? Well, here are a few things that could be going through their head.

Why Do Cats Meow?

There are a number of reasons why cats meow. Usually it is either when they are hungry or when they want to be let in or out of the home. However, other common reasons include:

1. Attention

They're just a little lonely is all. They need a little attention. Play with them for 10-15 minutes and then they should go and do their own thing.

2. They are in distress

Depending upon what is wrong with your cat, the meow will be slightly different. If they would like to go out for example, then the pitch of the meow will be lower usually than it would if your cat would like to be fed.

The pitch of the meow will also depend entirely upon how badly the cat wants something. The more impatient they become, the louder the meow will be. By listening to your cat you will soon learn to distinguish between the different types of meow. That will then help you to determine what your cat actually wants.

How to Stop Constant Meowing

It doesn't matter why your cat is meowing; all meowing is done to gain your attention. So don't ignore your cat if you want to sort the problem out. Look at what you think they may need. Is it feeding time? If so then try to feed them before they remind you. It is always better to have a set routine as that way your cat will know what feeding time is and you will have the food ready and waiting for them; reducing their need to meow for food!

If you know that your cat isn't hungry, try playing with them. Perhaps they are simply feeling a little lonely and they would like your attention? By stroking them little and often you will be giving them the attention that they need.

Another excellent way to stop constant meowing is installing a cat flap. Most of the time your cat is likely to want to come in, or go out of your home. They often want to go out and then come back in almost straight away.

So to save yourself from having to get up every two minutes, installing a cat flap would really help. That way your cat could come and go as it pleases and the meowing would stop.

Overall, there are a large number of reasons why your cat might be trying to get your attention. If all else fails then it would be a good idea to take your cat to the vets. It could be that your pet has an hidden illness that is causing them pain.

Your vet will be able to look them over and give you advice on what could be the problem. If you follow these tips then you should easily be able to solve your cats meowing problem.

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