Manifest your desire and reach your goals with your mind using self hypnosis.

Lets begin by taking a moment to bring something into your mind that you may be thinking you would like to change, but really aren't sure you're really motivated or have the energy to make the changes. Pick something that you know you maybe should be taking charge of but, because of some fears of loss you haven't been doing it. Just keep that thing in mind as we go through this mind training excersize.

The first thing to do is get centered relaxed and notice a part of your mind is winding down. Let your body relax. Take a couple of deep breaths in and out and focus on your normal breathing for a brief moment. Let go of any outside distractions for the moment.

Now imagine that you are here on a road that you are currently on in you life today.

Follow your imagination. Always remember that as your imagination grows, so will your ability to see clearer pictures and have an awareness of a wider range of emotions while doing these types of techniques.

So start where ever you at this moment. If your mind still gives holdbacks, just remember it is simple to start where ever you are in your ability to use your imagination...for example, think of a birthday cake and remember the birthday song being sung at a party when some one blew out the candles...that is your imagination working..... let it do its thing in the same way.

Just let it be what ever it is to you. Some people see clear pictures some just have a sense or a knowing so let your imagination grow and feel free to let it be what ever that means to you at this moment in time. Allow yourself the freedom to do this in what ever way works best for you.

As you are walking along this road notice that every you step forward is a minute an hour or a day into your future. Looking back you can see your past is still there,all those things that you have done are now behind you on this road.

Become more aware of the road now by noticing the temperature, the sights and the sounds around you. Let yourself be comfortable. You are walking down this road in your life. You come into a place where you let yourself feel as though you are really there. Notice your breathing as you are walking along this path, see the path in front of you. Is it a dirt pathway or a side walk or a sandy beach under your feet ...?

Listen to your foot steps, become aware of the feelings as your foot hits the surface. Make up as many colors as you can. Hear as many sounds as you wish.

Now as you are moving along this road into your future you are about to come to a place where there is a split in the pathway, it goes off in two directions. One goes off to the left, the other goes off to the right.

Imagine that as you approach this split, you take a chance to take a break. Imagine you think for a minute as you recognize there are two possibilities here.

The path to the left is the pathway looks very familiar, the same path way you have been on so for a while now, if you choose it, you will continue to on with things with way they are and will get he same results.

The path to the right is a road where there are some unfamiliar new possibilities, new freedoms, new positive achievements and accomplishments.

So now you will begin to think about which path you are going to take.
One path leads in one direction and the other in another direction they do not cross up ahead.
Once you have chosen a path you are committed to that road and therefor that destination.

So lets take a closer look at what each path holds for you in the future.
This allows you to choose to be in control of the out come of your chosen path.

First lets see on down the road of the familiar left pathway, where there is no change. So step onto that path and allow every step to have days pass, then weeks pass and so on. So let yourself imagine what it will be like in two months from now.
Still the same no big noticeble changes or differences.

Now lets say 5 years from now. This is the same familiar path you have been on, where you do not discover your untapped potential and your dream of change is unfulfilled. You have kept on like you are, not making any changes. What will life be like in this scene?

Continue the progression 5 more years out and see your self 10 years now on this road. You see you are 10 years older, notice how your body is. Notice how your mind is. Notice how you feel about having stayed in this road.

This path is just like the one you are on today, the only difference is that you have 10 less remaining years left to your life. Go ahead and get a clearer picture of how you will feel in ten years if you continue doing the exact same things you have done up to this point. See what you see there around you. Let your self feel it..

Do you feel Disappointment? Anger? Frustration? Failure? How does that feel for you?
How does it affect those around you? What do they perhaps feel. As you let your self imagine how this path will be for you, take in all that is entailed in choosing this path for your self. Let your self notice every aspect of living this path and what is entailed with you putting off any changes. Let it be what it is.

Now, I want you to drift back in your mind to the this place where the path splits off.

Let's take a look at this path new unfamiliar path before you now.
at the right of the split, the path that is also before you...Pretend you notice yourself stepping onto that road ...let every step you take bring you closer to the end result of change. Imagine being there in the future where you have fulfilled you new aspects of change and personal accomplishment.

Look at the path in two months, see yourself reaching within to this place of inner knowing to grasp ahold of the strength that is growing inside you. Imagine yourself now, see yourself in 5 years, what is there for you to see? Do you notice the sense of freedom in your thoughts. Now imagine where you will be in 10 years, Where you have created the positive changes you desire for yourself.

Here is where you see that your future is a little different.

On this path you have chosen to put into action intentional changes. They are not easy on the beginning of the path, but over time they have become a normal natural part of who you are. This path has caused you to live the life you want and truly desire for yourself.

The life of fulfilled dreams and a deep sense of accomplishment. You now look back and see you have lived a life of healthy risk taking. Enjoying a sense of adventure and unexpectedness and surprises that are delightful.

The security and happiness is now found in the moment of the awareness that you are fulfilled and full of exciting energy that supports your
well thought out decisions, followed up by daily actions to support your choices.

What does it feel like to have used this time to get the things you desire for your self?
How do those around you react to you and how do they perhaps feel about this path you have chosen?

Notice the freedom around you.

Go ahead and take in all that you will need to from this moment that is in the future, and allow your mind and body to absorbs all that you need on all levels of consciousness to have a greater awareness of what will be. How does that feel inside right now as you look at this moment of possibility waiting for your arrival?

You now absorb these things into you subconscious and conscious mind like a sponge does liquid. In order for you to take the actions that support the kind of life you want to experience during your life time.

Now allow your self to drift back to the place of today, where you are looking at the two roads in front of you and where they split off.

You now know what will be on each path and that you have control over each outcome.
The results of what you choose in this day and every day that follows are now within your knowing. You now see you have the ability to compare these pathways and see the differences in the places each one will lead you to. You now have the ability to see that you can bring into your life the two futures of your choosing, based on the decisions you make today with regards to which path you will take during the next short twenty four hours.

Imagine yourself stepping into the pathway on the right. See yourself on the right path. Imagine that you see yourself waking from this mind training session and you write a clear cut list of actions that you are now choosing to take as a result of being on this new road. See the other pathway and notice it is ended now that you have seen where it leads.

You have chosen to take the right path way. Your life begins from this new direction and you are now on it. With each step you take now you are in normal time and each step you take coincides with natural time and space that you are aware of in full wakefulness. Feeling the sights and sounds around you.

Go ahead and open your eyes and grab a pen and paper as you begin to take the actions to carry out a plan for the road you are now on.
Leading you to where your hearts desires lies. With the power of your conscious and your subconscious mind working together towards reaching those goals you have set for yourself.

And since you are now committing to this road, you begin the writing portion of this mind training excersize.
You begin to simply write down those things that you will be doing to allow your plans to be acted upon.

Make your list concise yet detailed.

Remember to make the list a logical plan of steps necessary to achieve your goal.

Feel free to include small steps, even if they are common sense things. This way you reinforce your new road, and the actions you are taking to continue on this path in your full waking consciousness. This gives you a road map to see the directions you are now taking to create your dreams and bring them into your life with each step forward towards your future that you have decided on.

Lets say your goal is to reunite with an friend, write that out
then make the steps and as simple as possible

(find phone numbers..... call him/her ....coordinate schedules and meeting time location..... Prepare a well thought out card or written letter to thank him /her for taking time to meet with me and catch up..... express some heart felt reflection in words about about why the relationship is meaningful and why I chose to contact this person.... Get address and stamp on envelope ..... Or email address if you choose that.....)

Take time after you make the list to see how it relates to your new path in the next 10 years.

Write down your goal and how it will be in the future that far out.
Make it as detailed as possible with you ideas about the positive feelings and aspects of enrichment you will be feeling.

As you begin to make these changes. It is important to let yourself feel the positive feelings associated with the changes you are making. This keeps you in touch with the part of you that is creating the life you want. The part of you that has decided to move past the life you were given and moving you into the life you have created by your choices and your conscious awareness of the power you have within to create the life of your choosing.

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Maureen Killoran is the founder of Successful Mind Training. Please visit her website at for more information and techniques about hypnosis, and how to use this gentle easy format to enhance your well being with positive changes and to receive a free guided hypnosis download today.