Living your Best Life, Single!

You’re over 35 and single for the first time in years, this is definitely something that can be daunting and perhaps will be one of your life’s greatest challenges.
You’ve gone over the tumultuous, emotional upheaval of the divorce, or perhaps mourned the death of your significant other and now your best friend has a friend of a friend who’s just “perfect” or they’re suggesting things from speed dating events, to going online to find your new mate.

The question to ask yourself is not whether you are seeking another serious relationship, but have you established a serious relationship filled with joy, happiness and fulfillment with yourself!

Yes, YOU! You who took care of others, maybe lived through another’s dreams, rather than fulfilling your own. You, who lived for the “audience” and not for yourself, were living an illusion of “together” life when in reality you were alone all along….Well this is a new day, it’s your time to live your best possible life!
What images are conjured by thinking of “living your best possible life”?

Changing residence, buying new furniture, living in another city, province, even a different country. Changing jobs, acquiring new skills for a new career, traveling, taking piano lessons, getting that degree, making new friends, getting rid of the old ones (but you didn’t know how) well dear friends, this is the perfect time to do so. A cleansing of the “old” life and onto the new!

This journey you’re embarking on is a road that you are in total control of! It should be brimming over with self discovery, improvement, which will empower and excite you at each and every turn.

As a lifestyles-singles coach, I have heard over and over from women how being single is lonely. Being in a relationship just for the sake of being in one does not guarantee you will not feel lonely.

How many times have you felt truly alone and lonely with your significant other sitting in the same room? If it’s a presence you need, get a pet, leave the radio on but don’t settle!

Single life allows you to expand, fly higher than you ever have before…..Ladies, get out of your shell, find out what your passion is, what stirs you, what is your heart’s desire?

By answering some of these questions and looking deep within yourself you will you be able to begin making the alterations, additions and adjustments to your life!
Once you’ve attained what you’ve aspired to, your living your authentic yourself, are relishing in your lovely, new surroundings and you feel the desire to date and/or be a long term relationship… Well, that’s another article.

Remember, at the end of the day, be proud, revel, live well and be happy!

"The more I know of the world and myself, the more I am convinced that I shall never see a man whom I can really love" Jane Austen

Terri Giosia
Lifestyles/Single Coach/Motivational Speaker/Writer
Teraluna Enterprises
Anything is Possible to an Open Mind….

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