As a man looking to attract women, you must get out of your house and out of your comfort zone in order to do so.
There are hundreds if not thousands of opportunities to meet new people and that before you even get to these options that are created specifically for single people to meet up with each other.
If you wanted to, you could find something to do with other people (organized events) just about everyday of the week.
Also, you can always start up your own activity in your local area and let other people know about it on sites such as
There are essentially two ways that you can begin to meet more women.
The first way is passively waiting for women to come into your life and not creating any new opportunities to meet women.
Your second and more powerful way is to actively pursue ways in which you can meet women and creating as many opportunities as you can to meet women.
As you may or may not know, most men and women for that matter will choose to passively wait to meet someone rather than face the potential rejection that the second one creates.
However, you should also know that most people in that situation feel powerless as well because their truly is no power in passively waiting to get what you want.
In the end, in order to get what you want from women, you must come up with some active ways in order to make that happen.
Otherwise, you are just waiting to get lucky like everybody else.

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