A fundamental of success is that defeat can only come to you if you quit. Until you throw in the towel and quit, all forms of defeat are only temporary set-backs and learning opportunities. Every temporary defeat moves you one step closer to success because you now know something important that you didn’t know before that you can use to go the next step.

Did you expect the unexpected? What happened that you didn’t expect that caused your temporary defeat? As you formulate your plans for success always challenge yourself to think of all the obstacles that could get in your way and hold you back. Then think of several solutions for either preventing the obstacle all together, or ways to work around the obstacle should it become a reality.

Every defeat holds an important learning opportunity. What can you learn from this turn of events? How will you take what you know now and use that knowledge to keep your forward momentum? What’s the worst thing that could happen as a result of this set-back? What’s the best thing that you could make happen as a result of this set-back? Learning is what makes you stronger, faster, and better than your competition when you apply that learning through action.

It’s happened, so what. Now what can you do to recover and continue your journey to success? Even though you may want to curl up in a ball and have a real pity party that isn’t very productive or effective If you have to let yourself revel in the emotion set the timer and allow yourself X minutes to really feel very sorry for yourself. When the timer rings pull yourself together, and get back to the planning board. Evaluate how this temporary defeat impacts your overall plan for success. Readjust, reevaluate, and identify what you need and have to do now to not just recover but flourish.

Sometimes your temporary defeat will make you realize you need some outside help. Who or what do you need that you don’t have now? Those who are or have been really successful don’t hesitate to get the help they need when they need it. Henry Ford was the wealthiest man of his day. His education was limited so he surrounded himself with experts from all areas. Tiger Woods may be the best golfer of his time yet he uses not just one, but multiple coaches. Don’t let pride or personal insecurity keep you from getting the help you need. Figure out specifically who or what you need and then do whatever you have to do to go get it.

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