I am an empath who got started down the path of hands-on-healing by myself. It began with a strong desire to help my children with their various sicknesses and that was the start for me. I had been going to see someone for my health problem, she does hair analysis along with homeopathic remedies. I told her how helpless I felt about not being able to help my young children, and because she knew me and my history, she told me she knew I could do hands-on-healing. First she gave me something to say before I started, to protection myself and to channel the white light, and then she told me to position my hands above the problem area.

I begin by kneeling next to the person laying down on the floor and hold my hands upwards with my first finger and thumb touching each other. I take 3 deep breaths to get myself focused on what I am going to do. At that point I begin to feel the energy flowing through my hands and body. For some reason the kneeling position creates the strongest energy for me, not that I can't do it any position, but I believe in the kneeling position all your chakra’s are aligned.

I picture a white light swirling around me starting from my feet and going up to my head. I say to myself "Divine Light of the Highest Order under the Protection of Archangel Michael" 3 times. It brings in the "good light" and Archangel Michael to protect you. I invite my spirit guides and guardian angels into the session, and then I invite the persons spirit guides and guardian angels into the healing session (I say it just that simply).

I work on the aura level, which means that I can sense with my hands, where the energy field is a few inches above the person’s body. I start by passing my hands over the body several times (sweeping motion), starting from the head and moving to the feet. I believe this smoothes out the aura, and relaxes the person who is being worked on.

I then begin by placing my hands above the head and slowly move towards the person's feet, making only one pass of the hands. I will stop only when my hands "feel" a spot where there is energy. I stay in that spot until I feel like it has "cleared" or that I get the feeling that I am done for now. When I get the sensation that the energy spot or chakra has "cleared" it's almost as if a breeze has blown between my hands and the person. Other times, the energy spot or chakra may not be "cleared" but I get the feeling that that is enough for now and move on. You don't want to "push" the person beyond what they are capable of handling. I end at the soles of the feet.

Sometimes I get a pulsing sensation going between my two hands, sometimes it is just a warm sensation, other times, the energy feels "stuck" and so I will move my hands in a circular motion above the area to get the energy moving and then will stop and hold my hands still again. I am also able to "see" things sometimes when working on people and ask for their permission to tell them what I see.

When I am done with the one pass of my hands-on-healing from head to toe, I will go back to the head and brush down the aura a few inches above the body by using a sweeping motion towards to feet, approximately 3 times picturing a white protection light as I finish.

In the beginning, I did not have anyone to help me, so I read a few books, one of them is Healing with Gemstones and Crystals by Diane Stein. I learned to use healing crystals for a layout along with the hands-on-healing. What the book could not tell me, I had to learn by doing. Fortunately there were a few enlightened souls who could tell me what I was doing wrong and who could help correct themselves. On the first two people who let me do a hands-on-healing I made 3 passes over the body, and that was just too much energy for them to handle, it opened up the energy or chakra spot too much. At first I would also "push the energy" instead of letting myself be the vessel and let the energy flow, and that is not a good thing to do either.

It is still sometimes hard for me to totally protect myself enough so I don't "take in" their energy. I try to make a mental note before I start that I will not take on this person’s feelings or energy, to sort of disassociate myself from what is going to take place. I will usually let cold water wash over my hands when I am done or let my hands go through dry sea salt to get the "energy" out of my hands.

I have been doing this for about 10 years, and I feel I must have done this in another life, because it came to me so naturally. The people I work on tell me they feel very relaxed afterwards, but I know that something more has happened.

Be Well

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