There is no doubt we've been amazed and inspired by the abilities of Olympic athletes of all nations. I was most inspired by Dara Torres, the 41-year-old mom and the oldest female swimmer in Olympic history, who left her fifth Olympics with three silver medals.

Staff writers for wrote, "Torres rocketed out of a six-year retirement, bounced back from childbirth, overcame two surgeries in the past eight months and became the best American female sprinter - again - through nothing more than hard work and sensational talent."

-- I think that's understating it. She had to FOCUS on and BALANCE every aspect of her life so that she could work hard. We women know that focus and balance are challenges on their own. Dara and her coach deserve credit for taking the mental strides needed to balance, focus, work hard and win.

Mothers around the world struggle to parent and work hard to maximize their talents. Working moms that enjoy successes of Olympic proportions have that same focus. They might even have a coach (personal or professional) to help them overcome obstacles, push them to work harder, identify their strengths and provide the support needed to accomplish goals. You too can win gold!

Take the inspiration our athletes provide and let it energize you. In this newsletter I share ideas for greater focus on life balance. I support you and you goal to succeed by your own definition of success. Carpe Diem!

Author's Bio: 

Jake Tuschinski, owner of Divinitatis Consulting, is a certified life coach, leadership trainer and published author. Her areas of expertise include work-life balance, leadership, success motivation, meeting management, and communication skills. She addresses these skills in her individual work with clients, workshops, on-site training and as a guest speaker.

She is best known for energizing women entrepreneurs to discover their personal best and become industry leaders by empowering the CEO within. She has worked with fortune 500 companies, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals around the world. She is the recipient of various speaking awards in America and Europe.

After nearly six years in Germany, she returned to the USA in 2006. During her years in Europe she and her business faced the multitude of challenges experienced by entrepreneurs. She values the importance and fulfillment of giving. She knows what it means to have a big vision, courage, and the energy it takes to accomplish it.

Jake served as the Overseas Committee Chairperson for International Girl Scouts Overseas Franconia for three years, chartered Erlangen Toastmasters International as President and Mentor; awarded Presidents Distinguished highest honors. She served on the Board of the International Women's Group to support international women in transition.

Jake is a native Northern Californian and she has called many places home. A married mother of two she considers life-balance essential to happiness.