First generation leads are by far, the most valuable, useful and cost-effective leads you can generate for your business. A first generation lead is one that you ask for from your existing clients, or show up unannounced at your business as a result of a client recommending your business.

How you creat a first generation lead depends on the market you are in. A first generation lead is not those that come via sales reps from companies who call on the same businesses as you do. These can be classed as a 2nd generation lead or even a 3rd generation lead, which we will be covering in future articles.

A first generation lead is a great thing. If you're your independent contractor or you're the sales generator in your business, you require a dependable source of first generation leads that you can count on. Tapping into your warm market is your best source of 1st generation leads, but remember - you have a finite number of personal contacts, so try to make them all count!

See every sale you make as an opportunity to cultivate your first generation lead system. Work out an ongoing system to exploit and encourage the clients to become part of your first generation lead system. Figure out a rewards system that creates excitement among your lead generation family. The first and foremost secret is to be absolutely sure they are 100% happy with the products or services you have provided them in the past. If you're in a larger company that means keeping other departments wary of how important your first generation lead network is it you and ultimately to them as well.

So, what's the best way to stay current in the minds of your 1st generation lead referrals minds? There exist several techniques to use. Here are only a few.

Broadcast a monthly newsletter, either online or via snail mail. Your newsletter ought to be less about your "widget", and more about your marketplace in general. Your first generation lead prospects don't want to seem like pawns to feed your business, bring them tidbits about your industry that they will find interesting. Satisfy the mailing list with info the subscriber will find interesting and pertinent, but not too technical. Your goal is to cultivate 1st generation leads so alter the course and talk about cultural events taking place in the area, new restaurants that have opened, upcoming holidays, and of course - your latest offer to create more 1st generation leads!

Business's that focus continually 1st generation lead building techniques, are never left scratching their heads wondering how to find more customers, because their ongoing efforts is all they need to do for lead generation.

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