Ever think you could Feng Shui your car?

When you Feng Shui your home you're creating a harmonious environment that supports you in living your best life, a life of purpose, passion and meaning. You create a stress free environment where you can be your best, be your most healthy, and attract what you want into your life.

Recently the AON Insurance Company in the UK commissioned a Feng Shui Consultant to advise them on Feng Shui for cars. They figured that if they could show their clients how to reduce stress and make their driving experience more pleasant and safer, risks would be reduced, lives saved (and profits raised).

Your car is a microcosm of your life. You travel locally, you travel further afield, and you travel on your own journeys of self-discovery on a daily basis. When you create a more serene and safe driving journey, all your journeys are impacted.

Cars as predatory tigers

In Feng Shui terms cars are 'predatory tigers'. In addition, the car you choose to buy creates an overall impression to others and impacts your own energy. The space within imparts emotion and attitude. The Chi of a car will boost your energy or make your heart sink.

Feng Shui tips to improve your driving experience
(Adapted from the AON Insurance company report on Feng Shui for cars)

1. Remove clutter - the state your car is in represents how you treat yourself. Fast way to change that is to clean out your car regulary, keep it clean and organized. Make sure you can find what you need easily. Clutter sucks the life force out of the driver - not good!

2. Maintain your vehicle - Your car is an investment. How do you treat investments and money? Treat them well and the Universe will send more. A well-maintained car will lead to a relaxed energy and therefore a relaxed driving experience.

• Electrics are the nervous system of the car - keep well insultated and in good condition.

• Windows are the eyes of the car. This is where the energy from outside comes in. Windows in Feng Shui give you a clear view of your path through life. And the road too. They need to be clean.

• Fuel lines and hoses are the digestive system of the car. Keep them clean.

• Heating and Air Conditioning systems are the respiratory system of the car - keep them working efficiently.

• Doors and windows need to open freely or they will bring tension at the start of every journey.

3. Space Clear your car - just as in your home, space clearing will bring new energy, clearing out anything negative left by the previous owner, clearing away a negative driving experience, or after an argument.

• Space clear by playing music, clapping in all the corners and setting the intention that this space is now cleared and you are going forward free of the past.

• Sprinkle sea salt crystals on the floor regularly to remove any negative energy from passengers. Clean them out when you clean your car. Don't do this while driving!

4. Park facing away from occupied buildings - so as to not create a feeling of threat to occupants.

5. Learn from the elements - Too much fire can lead to aggressive driving, too much earth energy can lead to sitting in the fast lane at 60mph, too much metal energy can lead to switching lanes and cutting in on people, too much wood energy can lead to multitasking - talking on the phone and driving.

The best element for driving is Water. The Career area of the Bagua which represents your life journey, is related to the Water element. The best driving is achieved by a state of mind that is clear and flowing - just like Water. So, introduce some representation of Water to your car. For example:

• Carry a water bottle, for hydration and to bring the Water element to your car.

• Hang a black ribbon from your mirror (black is the color for the Water element)

Water energy will bring clear headed and far sighted energy, knowing where you are going, and flowing with the traffic along the way.

Is the idea of Feng Shui-ing your car a bit 'out there'?

You can Feng Shui any defined space - your home, your room, your desk, your bed even. Why not the environment you travel around in?

Recently I discovered one of my headlights was out. I remembered last time this happened the other one went within a couple of weeks. So this time I went to my friendly mechanic and had both replaced and asked him to check all my other lights. Hard to do by yourself.

I ended up with 5 new lights. One of my driving lights was out and the two little tiny lights that light up my license plate were out - I don't know if I've ever had them. Felt so good, and my little car was purring when I then took it to the car wash. It definitely raised my energy.

What needs attention in your car? Sometimes we forget how lethal they can be - remember, they are 'predatory tigers' - anything you can do to make your journey more serene and safe, can only be good.

Try these tips and see what they do for your energy.

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