The concepts of feng shui, or where objects are placed within your home, office, or living space, impact virtually all areas of your life. How our space is arranged affects your career, your relationships, and even your personal health. The proper placement of items according to the concepts of feng shui is based on three basic principles:

1.) Everything is alive. Even though we do not perceive inanimate objects as living, the truth is that everything is alive with energy. From the tallest mountain to the scarf in your closet, every object has energy.

This is true from both a physical and an emotional perspective. Physically, quantum physics demonstrates that all matter is composed of atoms and electrical charges that are constantly in motion. Emotionally, every object holds the memories, feelings, and associations that people have connected with it.

2.) Everything is connected. We are connected, either positively or negatively, to the things that surround us and occupy our living spaces.

If we allow our living space to continue to be filled with items that hold negative emotions for us, we will be unable to live in happiness and vibrant health. Items that remind us of losses, stressful times, or difficult memories – such as the loss of a loved one or a divorce, only serve to make us feel physically drained. Over the long term, allowing ourselves to be surrounded by these objects will make us physically ill, too.

On the other hand, if we choose to fill our living spaces and our lives with things that make us feel happy and uplifted, and to which we have attached positive feelings and associations, we create an environment that fosters good health, abundant happiness, and boundless energy.

3.) Everything is changing. The energy that surrounds us is in a continual state of change. We cannot rely on this energy remaining constant unless we use feng shui techniques to create a calm and stable environment.

Without using these techniques to ground the energy in our living spaces, we allow ourselves to be tossed about in a state of continual flux. In order to lead happy, productive lives, we must create a stable living environment that is a sanctuary from the chaotic everyday world.

These concepts form the foundation of feng shui, and guide us toward creating pleasant, positive environments for ourselves and our families. By understanding that everything is alive; that everything is connected, and that everything is changing, we can begin to recognize the impact that our environment has on our physical and emotional health. Once we realize this, we can begin using feng shui techniques to create a happy, prosperous, and healthy life.

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