A few years ago I was working on an entrepreneurial project, living off savings. Some days were financially scary as I was learning to live on faith instead of fear.

One day I was standing in the checkout line of my local grocery store, very aware the woman in front of me was taking a long time to check out. Although I had no pressing appointment, I became impatient and annoyed at having to wait so long. Finally, I realized that being annoyed wasn’t doing me any good and I started to pay attention to what was unfolding before me.

The cashier was explaining to a rail-thin older woman in front of me that she couldn’t accept her check, as they always bounced. The woman, Alice, was fumbling through her purse looking for spare change, I had this amazing feeling of peace come over me as thought about this woman’s situation. I thought to myself that there should be a charity to help people like this. Someone should do something, and I realized that someone was me.

Feeling very grateful for where I was in my life financially, as scary as I thought it was at that time, I leaned forward in faith and asked the cashier to just put Alice’s bill of $19.92 on my tab. When Alice insisted on paying me back, I asked her to pay it forward when she could. She gratefully left with her groceries.

The cashier shared that my simple action had made her whole week! She totaled my groceries, asked for my reward card that offers discounts on some purchases, scanned the card and told me that with store specials, I had saved a total of $19.92 on my order.

I was stunned and asked her to repeat the number. She did, not realizing that it was the exact amount of Alice’s groceries that I had just paid for. I asked her to repeat it a third time and a look of amazement came over her face. She slowly said $19.92 realizing the miracle we had just witnessed. We stood there in wonder, sharing an incredible moment of “Wow, can you believe this?” I felt I had just been given an incredible gift.

The Universe once again showed me- this time in a very tangible and public way, that the little things I worry about are nothing. The Universe will always provide what I need- and here was a perfect example. Even from a place of fear and lack, when I was able to step forward on faith and be of service to another, I was immediately rewarded and reminded. I walked out of that store much richer than when I entered. To this day I keep that receipt with the $19.92 savings on my refrigerator as a constant reminder of the magic in the world.

I almost missed the magic that day by thinking I was in a hurry. What gifts do we miss everyday by not paying attention? Take a breath, slow down, step forward in faith and watch what shows up in your life today. Where can you be of service? Pay attention and consciously look for the magic. I think you’ll be amazed and blessed by what you’ll find, as it’s there for all of us.

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