If you are having a shower under the Energy Rain, you are feeling like under a water fall, energized water coming down on you, the air is ionized and breathing is easy.
This is reached by three integrated vortexes letting out the water with an high saturation of oxygen, which makes you awake in the morning and regenerates you after a long day.
What I mentioned are only the hard facts, actually, the water is cleared of all information, beside an integrated informaiton about the flower of life, so the water is keen to take information from the body under the shower. So it can be explained, why the aur cleansing takes place under the Energy Rain. Beside this by the fact of getting oxygen in, the water consumation is reduced by two third, with the feeling of having a full shower.

Also the microcirculation in the cells is stimulated, here some interesting things are happening in terms of improving health conditions.
We are looking for people who want to distribute this in the States.

Author's Bio: 

born 1965 in Munich, studied Economics, parallel to "normal" business interested in holistic and spiritual growing, quit job as logistics manager after 13 years in service in order to dedicate his life to things who really matters to him as rthey are protecting environment, improving health and spreading information that really makes a difference to the quality of peoples life. Together with his wife runs the Wellness and Energy Centre in Gemrany, nearby Munich.