Very few people realize that each and every one of us is addicted to emotions. See, the very same receptors on the cells of our body that are used by drug addicts are the very same receptors that are used for the chemicals compounds our bodies uses to experience emotion. So by realizing that one simple fact and that people can become addicted to drugs, we can easily realize that we can become addicted to emotions just as easily, and we do.

Emotions are a natural part of our daily life. They color our experience of the world. They are also the bodies way of taking experiences of life and turning those lessons into long term memories in order for us to be able to function in the world more effectively. It's not the emotions that are bad, it's the addiction to those emotions that is the problem.

The body uses combinations of specific chemicals to create each of the different emotions. There is a specific chemical combination for happiness, and sadness, and anger, and victimization, and any other emotion that you can think of. Over the years, people develop an addiction to the different chemicals of different emotions. The more someone feels a particular emotion, the more addicted to that emotion they become. If someone gets angry on a consistent basis, they develop an emotional addiction to the anger chemicals. If someone plays a victim and cries why me long enough, they habituate that way of being and develop an emotional addiction to those specific chemicals. As each of the cells split, the new cells created need more and more of those specific chemicals in order to get the same stimulation as the old cell.

So where does this all come into play with the law of attraction? Our habitual emotional state attracts to us more of that emotional state. So you can see that if we are addicted to specific emotional states, we have to undo the habitual addiction to those negative emotional states and develop new addictions through habit for the positive emotional chemicals. Many times people will act in certain ways just to get the fix of their emotional addiction. The difficult for many people is getting past their emotional addictions and developing more productive emotional addictions.

You must be willing to constantly practice new behaviors in order to develop new habits and there for new emotional addictions to positive emotions. This is difficult at first, however, with enough practice it becomes easy to stay happy because of your addiction to that specific emotional state. The more you practice those positive emotions, the easier it gets over time because your body will naturally develop an addiction for those emotional chemicals and attract situations and people to you in order to sustain that emotional addiction. Practice positive emotions, and eventually the universe will throw situations and people at you in order to sustain that emotional addiction.

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