Rent’s due but the bank account is empty. Your boss just gave your third written warning for a job you can’t afford to lose. Your beloved sweetie eloped with your best friend. The doctor confirmed the diagnosis you feared most.

Sooner or later it seems like life gets the best of us. What to do when all seems lost?

If you know how law of attraction works, you know that you get what you vibrate. Your vibration is based on your thoughts, since thoughts drive feelings and feelings are what comprises your vibration.

So if it feels like the stuff has hit the fan and you need to do some emergency manifesting, here are three simple steps to remember:

1) What do I want?

2) What does that feel like?

3) What feels good to do next?

When we’re caught in the loop of things gone wrong it’s all too easy to forget about our vibration and lose sight of our desired end result. Rather, our attention is quite naturally focused on exactly what we don’t want, like a “deer in the headlights” effect.

Remember you are in charge of what plays out next. You can effect change. I repeat: you can effect change! And that is NOT best done by leaping into action with the same vibration that escorted you into the problem.

Instead, first shift your energy (i.e. vibration), and then take action that feels good. (Which may not be at all what you would have guessed. Be open.)

Let’s look at the three steps for emergency manifesting in more detail:

What do I want

When things go wrong, it’s easy to get stuck looking at what you don’t want. So although this seems like a “no brainer” of a first step, it’s a crucial one. Take your attention off what you don’t want. Redirect your focus away from “reality,” or what you fear might become reality. Put the spotlight of your mind on the results you desire; on the outcome you’d love to see unfold. On what you want. Simple, and important.

What does that feel like?

With the results that you want firmly in mind, now pay attention to what that feels like. What does it feel like to know your healing is on its way? What does it feel like to know you’re appreciated and valued at work; that your sweetie truly loves you? What does it feel like to know all is well?

Hang out here. Spend time with this vibration! Because it is exactly this vibration that allows “reality” to turn the corner and start going your way. This is where miracles can enter your life; when you vibrate in a way that allows them in. So FEEL what it feels like to have what you want.

What feels good to do next?

Now that you’re vibrating what you want, you have access to information that can help. From this place (of feeling what it feels like to have what you want), ask yourself the question: “What feels good to do next?”

Trust your inner guidance for that answer, friend. Don’t let your analytical mind hijack you to an automatic response that isn’t authentically yours. No one can tell you this action step better than you. The world is full of advice, but none of it will serve you if it’s not in alignment with what feels good to you.

As long as we’re stuck in the vibration of the problem, we are not allowing the solution to unfold. Shift your energy and get creative by listening to your inner knowing about what will serve you best. The Universe is conspiring on your behalf, and the system is set up for your success. When you focus your mind with intention and align your energy with what you want, you are an unstoppable power!

Author's Bio: 

Jeannette Maw is an Attraction Coach and founder of Good Vibe Coaching in Salt Lake City, Utah who helps clients get what they want using the Law of Attraction. She is co-author of "101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life, Vol. 3" and "Inspired Attraction," and speaks regularly on the topic of deliberate creation.

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