Over the past six months, my life has changed in leaps and bounds. I got married, got pregnant, and moved out of a small NYC apartment into a four bedroom house on ¾ an acre of land in North Carolina. I am loving every minute of it! Meanwhile, I have some good friends who have wanted to move out of the city for the past seven years, and are still no closer to creating that change in their lives. So, why is it so easy for some to embrace change while others dig in their heels and resist even the changes they desire?

In looking deeper into this issue, the question arises; what are you committed to that either supports or rejects the proposed changes? Where do your commitments lie? For me, it’s clear that my top priority is creating an open, supportive, healthy home life for my family. I am fully committed to that venture and willing to embrace any change or shift that is in line with this priority.

For my friends who are struggling to leave the big city, they might be committed to having the careers that the city has provided for them, or perhaps it’s that they are committed to avoiding packing and sorting their many possessions at all costs. So, how can they switch their perspective in order to support their desire to move out of the city? They need to find a new commitment that trumps the existing one in order to allow their energy to focus on creating something new rather than holding fast to something old.

How can you switch your perspective to support the changes you desire? The first step is to acknowledge an area where you seem to be resisting a change that deep down you know would be a great thing for you. Perhaps it’s quitting your job and starting your own business. Ask yourself what you are so committed to that is keeping you where you are now. It could be the security of a steady paycheck. It could be that you are committed to protecting yourself from being judged by others. Whatever the commitment is, it’s alright and perfectly natural for you to feel this way.

If you really want to find a way to embrace change, you have to look for a new commitment. Say to yourself, “yes, this commitment is valid, but I really want to start my own business so I can be the master of my own time.” Then make that your strongest commitment: To be the master of my own time. Post it where you can see. Chant it in your mind everyday. Practice it in small ways before you work up to the big actions. Tell other people in your life about your new commitment to be the master of your own time, and watch as life begins to support you by creating ease and flow around this desired change.

By shifting your focus to this new commitment, you will build the emotional and strategic muscles you need to embrace the change you’ve been resisting and be leaps and bounds closer to creating the life you truly desire. When you feel the old commitments seeping in, just replace them with thoughts about your new one. After all, the only one who can change the situation is you. And I believe that you can do it! You just have to know why you want it and commit to your own desires.

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Jessica Sabatini is an avid speaker/trainer as well as a Certified Results Coach. Through her company, Prosper with Purpose, she works with individuals and teams who want to reach huge goals within a single year. Whether you desire to launch a business, increase income, boost your confidence, have more fun, or organized your time and space, you can speed up the time line by using a coach that is right for you.

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