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One of the attractions of EFT is all the stories of one-minute wonders experienced by EFT users. Seeing someone’s pain or emotional turmoil transformed in a few rounds of tapping is inspiring and awe-provoking. However, these one minute wonders can lead us to doubt ourselves, or doubt EFT, when we don’t get the same results.

For myself, and with clients, I have experienced both ways of success with EFT: The quick way, where the emotion and underlying event is easily identified and cleared. And the longer way, where there are many layers that are uncovered on the way to neutralizing a limiting belief.

So if you are feeling frustrated by your lack of progress, or despair that you will ever change, try this. (I assume you already know the mechanics of EFT. If not, visit my site www.sageenergetics/EFT.html, or one of the other EFT experts on selfgrowth.com, for a description.)


Set-Up Phrase:

Even though EFT works for everyone else, but not for me, I’m open to the idea of accepting myself, even though EFT doesn’t work.

Even though I’m scared that EFT might not work for me, and then I’ll be stuck feeling bad forever, I am open to the idea that healing is possible.

Even though I’m so frustrated because EFT isn’t working for me, I choose to forgive myself, even if EFT isn’t working.

Eyebrow: I hate EFT

Side of the Eye: It doesn’t work for me

Under the Eye: It’s supposed to be this wonder technique

Nose: But it’s not working for me

Chin: What if I’m doomed to be stuck with my problems forever?

Collarbone: What if I’ll never change?

Under the arm: That’s what I’m scared of

Head: Being stuck forever

Eyebrow: But what if it can work?

Side of the Eye: What if EFT does work and is working for me?

Under the Eye: What if I just need more time?

Nose: What if I just need to work on my timetable?

Chin: What if I am a complicated person and so I need a complicated solution?

Collarbone: I am hopeful that EFT can work for me.

Under the arm: EFT can work for me, in my own way.

Head: EFT can work for me. I can’t wait to be surprised.

Author's Bio: 

Deborah is an EFT practitioner working with clients to address a variety of issues including childhood trauma,family issues, stress, abundance, etc. She moderates several online EFT forums and has been published in EFTWorld as well the official EFT newsletter by Gary Craig.