Much of how to dress your baby when you take him or her outside for the first time will have to do with the weather. Of course you want this outfit to be special because it will mark the day you leave the hospital and head home to be on your own with the new member of the family. Even though the outfit is special, the blankets you use should also be pretty, because this is what you will most likely see. If you are giving birth in winter, the baby should have about 5 layers of clothing and blankets on. This seems a bit over the top, but you must remember that your baby cannot produce his own body temperature just yet. Obviously you do not want to overheat him or her either, so the golden rule is that you should put on as many layers as you are wearing plus two. If it is summer, your baby can still be cold, so a lightweight blanket will do, otherwise a summer weight baby grow should be fine. We stock these items at and there are special custom made growers that you might find adorable to put your baby in for his or her first day out pics.

One thing that you should also not forget is to cover your newborn baby's head if it is cold. The head is where babies lose most of their body heat. The opposite can apply for summer, but you should take care and keep one handy, just in case. Yes, this is the time in your life, when you start carrying your entire baby's wardrobe around with you, just in case. It can happen anywhere that you might need a change of clothes, new diapers, wipes and towelling nappies, so be prepared.

For your first day outside, it can be overwhelming for the baby. He or she will have just gotten used to hospital noises and routines and now you are putting them in cars, traffic, and all sorts of strange sounds. They can be very unpredictable, so for the journey home, stock up with a change of clothes, diapers, creams, hats, jackets, booties or socks, mittens, extra blankets, and of course milk, if your baby is not breastfeeding. Keep water handy at all time and take more milk than you think you will need. The car journey can make a baby hungry. To calm them for the trip, keep a pacifier with you and maybe for the first car ride, sit with your baby at the back.

At we also sell an extensive range of car seats with unique covers. This is how you should transport your baby at all times. If they cry because they are not used to it, then hold their hands or touch them until they feel safe. Remember, they are not crying to irritate you. The baby may just be scared, tired or hungry. Once they are satisfied in all those area, you can proceed on your way home with your precious baby.

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