Are you stuck? Stuck trying to rework a project or looking for the “perfect” solution? Stuck searching for the latest brainstorm, new business idea, or product stream? Are you stuck waiting for that “light bulb moment” that will pull all of the pieces together in their rightful place? Well, so are a lot of other people. As a whole, we spend a great deal of time being stuck, waiting to find “perfect,” and making ourselves stressed and miserable in the process. Why? Because we think that it’s our job to find the solution. When it’s not our place, at all, to find the answers, it’s simply our job to allow the answers to come to us. Yes, it really is that easy, we just tend to complicate the process because we’re conditioned to presume that the search must be difficult.

Have you ever gone to bed with something weighing on your mind, only to dream the solution? Ever wonder why? Well, it was the universe waiting until your brain was quiet and your mind was receptive enough to receive the answer and recognize it as the solution to what you were seeking. What about going to bed at night and just waking up with the answer having not even remembered dreaming? Do you see how powerful the universe is? And long as it is allowed, the answers will follow with much more ease than by struggling to find them.

A classic example is “tip of the tongue” phenomena. You know when you can’t remember the name, phrase, number, etc. to save your life. It’s just on the tip of your tongue, but no matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to shake it loose from your memory. But as soon as you’re no longer thinking of it – TA DA! The answer pops in your head clear as day! What’s that about? See, you were thinking so hard , trying to force something to happen instead of letting it come at it’s own pace.

Carla, a single mother had just lost her job. Given her circumstance, she did not feel that she had the luxury of time to practice “unloading.” Instead she pounded the pavement and fretted about how she was going to be able to pay her bills, buy groceries and keep her children in their dance and gymnastics programs. Carla was spending so much time looking for a job that her health began to slip. She caught a cold that quickly turned into bronchitis, followed by pneumonia. Carla ended up in the hospital for a little over three weeks. While she was in the hospital her aunt took care of the kids, so Carla had a great deal of time to let her mind rest. As she began to get stronger an idea hit her. Her community did not have a decent center. The existing one had been having a hard time keeping a director because there was never enough money available to implement desired activities. While recovering Carla wrote a proposal for the community center, along with a grant application. She reasoned that if she were hired as director that she could use her grant writing experience to secure more funds for the center, and introduce programs such as dance and gymnastics for the kids. As director, she knew that her children would be able to use the center for free. She suspected that it might take a bit of time, but was willing to put in the effort in advance while she continued her job search, if that was what was needed to help her attain her goal. Carla’s forced “unload” time also taught her the value of learning to stop overload before it occurs.

What have you been struggling with? Is it time to unload? Whether it is work, family, love, or life related, if the answer is not jumping out at you, try stepping back from it for a bit. Find something else to do that gives you a break, like reading a book, taking a walk, listening to music, or a change in scenery. Overloading the mind is an exercise in futility. An overworked mind is just as bad as an overworked body; neither will produce the desired end result. Try practicing letting go of the need to control and direct the outcome. It can be difficult to surrender this task, so start small and you will see how easy and comforting it becomes to unload. Besides, the great ideas that you will allow yourself to receive will be well worth the effort! Or should I say effortlessness?

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