You begin each year with the boldest and sincerest of intentions. You set goals and get excited about the possibilities that lay before you. However, as most of you know, it doesn’t take long for doubt and frustration to seep in.

You may be overwhelmed by the ever growing list of things that need to get done in order for you to reach your goal. You may feel anxious that good intentions are being thwarted by lethargy, fear, lack of time or focus. You may recognize that some of the people around you have conflicting ideas that can hold you back. What can possibly be done to help you get to the other side of these feelings without just giving up?

Often within the first two months, resolutions and goals for that year are abandoned and forgotten. This is because you begin to notice all of the barriers in the way of reaching your goal. Working towards your goal can become frustrating and painful as the challenges begin to scream louder and louder. You desire to have everything in place now, but there doesn’t seem to be enough time or money or motivation or support or focus. You become keenly aware of what is working against you.

Believe it or not, this is the perfect place to be in order to make the goal a reality. Awareness is the first step on the road to success. It points you to matters that need to be addressed in order to get what you want. The challenge is to acknowledge and celebrate your awareness verses letting it pull you down and take you off track.

Let’s say you have a goal around getting in shape. So, you’re brushing your teeth before bed and notice that you’re slouching and letting your belly hang out as far as it can. Your mental chatter begins, “Look at my body. I am so lazy. I’m going to be a fat blob my whole life. I’ll never get in shape. I haven’t worked out all week. I’m not even standing up straight!”

This is the trap you want to try to avoid: letting the awareness be an excuse to give up on your goal. But, what if you stop yourself and celebrate your awareness, “Hey, I just noticed I’m slouching. Go me! I caught myself. Now I am standing tall. I rock!” or “I just noticed that I’m sitting on the couch watching TV instead of working out! Go me! Way to pay attention!” or “Wow, I didn’t make any time to eat nutritious meals today. Thank goodness I noticed. My awareness is super strong!” Here’s a big one “I just caught myself having insanely negative thoughts. Whoa, glad I am so aware.”

Neale Donald Walsch says, “Awareness is everything. Not just part of it. Not some aspect of it. Awareness is everything. Just observe what is so.” I’d like to add; celebrate the fact that you are observing. This is the secret of how to get over the hurdle of these limiting feelings. Remember, you are at the beginning of this journey into 2009. Just celebrate awareness, and at the very least, you will feel better about yourself and situation, perhaps you will even be able to see more solutions than problems.

Go on, give it a try.

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