I would imagine that your current customers know that you product or service is the best, but how about the large universe of prospective buyers that have not yet tried what you have to offer?

How are these prospects supposed to know that you have something far superior to offer than your competition? How are they supposed to know that you are the best if you don’t tell them?

How are these prospective customers to know that you re the best if you don’t get the word out and let them know?

You can rely on word of mouth to a certain extent, but you are going to have to get the ball rolling yourself if you expect to capture a substantially larger share of your market.

It’s time to stand up and let people know that what you have to offer is of high quality, and that it’s the best.

The way to begin the process of letting people know that what you are selling is the best is to analyze what’s so good about it.
a. What are its unique features?
b. How does it stack up price wise?
c. How long will it last?
d. Why the competition’s product or service is inferior?
e. Why your product o r service is superior?
f. What are its special qualities
g. What’s your pitch?

After reviewing these things, and surveying actual customer opinions to find out what they like best about it, you are ready to begin the process of putting your best foot forward.

This may involve letting people know what you have to offer on your Company Website. To do this you need traffic or visitors to come to the site. To get them there you may need to place articles about your product or service on major article distribution directories on the Internet who in turn will get your stories published on various Website magazines called ezines.

You may also need to issue press releases or news releases letting people know about the great new things that are happening at your Company that may be of interest to them.

You might very well want to put a sales letter up on your Website extolling the virtues of what you are offering. And while you’re at it make sure that your Website is user friendly and well set up to convert visitors to buyers and prospects to an active prospect list for further follow up.

To do all this you will need an experienced copywriter to help show you the way, and produce imaginative promotional material that will work to prove to everyone that your products or services are the best.

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