If you can't turn your plans into reality you're just a dreamer. Stop being a dreamer and start being an achiever. To do that you will need a plan, and you will need to turn that plan into actions.

You have to develop the power to turn plans into actions. You have to develop the ability, strength, and capacity to achieve the success you want. You develop this ability through your own actions and the help you get from others.

Your power to turn plans into action will come from organized efforts. Until you have clarity about what you want in the specific details that come from planning you won’t be able to organize your efforts and gain the power you need to take actions. Your plan provides the details for next actions.

Even though you may know what you have to do you may not exactly know how to do it, how to turn the action into a reality. When you don’t know how yourself you’ll have to enlist the coordinated efforts of others to get the action done. That may mean that someone else helps you to do it by showing you how they do it, or it may mean that someone else is doing it for you so you can focus on the things you do know how to do.

A big mistake that most people make is thinking they have to learn how to do everything themselves and that they have to do everything themselves. When you do that you’re wasting precious time and resources making unnecessary trial and error mistakes that can cost you success. When you know exactly what needs to be done, but you don’t have the skills to do it yourself you are often far better off outsourcing or delegating those actions to someone who does know how to take those actions.

When you stubbornly commit to having to learn everything yourself it’s similar to deciding to take a trip to somewhere you’ve never gone before, and refusing to use a map or get directions. You have a general idea where the place you’re going is you just don’t know specifically which roads to take to get there via the shortest and best route. Given enough time and endless resources you could get their eventually.

But do you have unlimited time and resources to get to success? I’ve never known anyone who does. You have a finite amount of both time and resources, and when you run out because you think you have to do everything to get to success yourself you come to game over.

Successful people understand that success is a game that is played for keeps. You don’t have endless resources and when you fail you can fail for good. You can get what you need to succeed so your plans turn into actions that lead to success, but you’ll never get there if you insist on getting their entirely by your own skills and knowledge.

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