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First Published in the Arizona newspaper :


Do Not Accuse People
of Negativity
"Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged"

Dr. Bess S. Permut
Focus Columnist

Accept the goodness of mankind. If you look for negativity within a person, it will only bring forth an attempt by that person to defend this weakness by denial and cover-up. Sending thoughts of love and understanding can lend support and allow the individual to come to understand his shortcomings, and so permit him to judge himself. Many times his heartache is more than he alone can bear. He finds it necessary to tell someone of his troubles. Giving of your time to listen to his burdens helps him to unload the anguish of his heart and may, in turn, save his life.
The accused man stands ready to defend himself; thus, no solution can be obtained in any way. We are not sent as judges, so we should accept man’s faults. We have no right to accuse man of intent to be negative. He must recognize his own weaknesses and rid himself of his self-hatred, which festers within himself. His own heartache is accusation enough. Mankind has a difficult enough time just living. Why should mankind multiply this inner disharmony by accusing another of wrongdoing? It creates a real injustice. If you must accuse someone of negativity, allow it to be yourself, as you are permitted to be your own judge.
It is important to dwell upon the positive aspects of someone’s character, thus lending support for him to take action to fulfill his destiny in life. His intent, his purpose in life, extends into the unknown. Who among us knows another’s purpose or destiny? How then can one stand in judgment of another? No man can change the future that has been preordained for him. His destiny rides in the balance, as whether he fulfills it or not depends upon him alone.

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Dr. Bess S. Permut, is a graduate student of psychology and philosophy, has taught life's truth’s for over 60 years and is the author of two books (soon to be three) on these subjects. She also has audio programs and a special Bonus Program at an 80% discount.
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