It’s out of the bag. I really need to get this off my chest.They say it is wise to learn from the mistakes of others so thatyou avoid doing the same. Why do so many people committhemselves to a 40/40 life?

What is a 40/40 lifestyle? This occurs when one works 40 hoursplus a week for the next 40 years plus of their lives. On thesurface nothing may seem to be wrong with this lifestyle as itwas what we were taught to do to be successful. But is thisreally true? You decide.

Look around in your community and see how many retired personscan be deemed as being financially successful. I guarantee thatthe answer would be a few unless you live in an upscaleneighborhood. Many pensioners hardly have enough money to takecare of their needs like getting the best healthcare, healthyfood and other basic necessities.

Is this the life you choose to live? Why are you not creativeand a builder of dreams? There is no wealth to be made fromwages, wealth comes from profit and profits are made when youown a business or when you make your money work for you.

Once you have a talent and you can do it well, money can be madefrom your skills. Talent alone though will not bring success,you will need to work for it. The world is full of talentedindividuals who can sing, bake or write well but are stillbroke.

You can start your own business right in your home and operateit on a part time basis. I know persons who raise and sellchickens, Avon products, bake goods and there are many likemyself who run online businesses. The best part is that you canstart with a small budget and gradually grow your business. Thisis the beginning of security and freedom.

It’s just so sad to see so many people leave college with theirdegrees and end up unemployed. And when they do find employmentmany will eventually find themselves trap in a 9-5,hand-to-mouth life. Why don’t they advocate entrepreneurship andteach students to be the captain of their own ship?

Being a business owner has many advantages that far outweigh thedisadvantages. For example here in Jamaica when I received apaycheck there are numerous deductions made before it reaches myhand. By contrast, when I make money from Adsense or anaffiliate program all it costs me is the bank charges. That’show many governments make money by preying on the employed. Ifeveryone in any given country owned his or her business, thenmany a budget would be in trouble.

Some countries reward their citizens for becoming entrepreneursby giving them incentives, tax breaks or refunds. As an employeethese benefits don’t exist.

If you are a member of the rat race like myself, then you shouldbe thinking deeply about your future. Don’t you want the bestfor your family and yourself? Choose not to be trapped in a40/40 life where there are fewer opportunities for success andgrowth. Think about it, you can always pass on your business toyour children or family but can they inherit your job?

© Nicholas Dixon

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