Being online for the last five or so years has made merealized that many persons are seeking a magic button to success.What is even more interesting is that they really believe thatit exist.

I have never encountered anything of such nature, theachievements of so many are owed to hard work,persistence and dedication.

If there is a magic button online then Send may be the one thatyou are looking for. Puzzled? Newsletters and ezines are known toconnect with readers on a more personal level than websites andtheir subscribers received fresh content daily, weekly ormonthly.

A newsletter demands a lot of work and commitment to becomesuccessful. It can be used to subtle sell your affiliate productsand also to drive traffic to your website(s).

Even though your subscriber base might be in the thousands, it isessential that you write to connect with each on a personallevel. This way relationships are built and in the long run thesefriendships canresult in sales.

It is when you have covered the basic steps that you are on yourway to creating your magic button. By clicking on Send, youalmostimmediately place yourself in a most valued target –yoursubscribers’ mailbox. The thing is even if you are short onmoney, you can still venture into newsletter publishing.

Many companies like Topica offer such services for free. Onedisadvantage is that some of them may place advertisements ineach issue e.g. Getresponse, which may dilute your credibility.

You can take it to a more professional levelif you can afford it by getting your own domain name, newslettertemplate and email management software.

Forget about finding a magic button to success online and gocreate your own. Send. It feels good to know that at a click of abutton you can connect with a global audience almost instantly.

Obviously there is more ground to cover here but if you areinterested then you will take your interest beyond this article.

Happy Researching.

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