That is the question I have been asking myself since the
first day of this year dawned. Prosperity and adversity is
experienced each day by everyone but how can we keep the
former in our lives?

The successful among us know and use certain traits in order
for them to achieve their goals. Now some persons believe
that these people were born this way when in fact they had
to develop their winning traits.

Strivers have an eye for opportunity as they are quick to
grasp the situation as it presents itself. In other words
they more easily see the solution to a common need. Strifers
fail to see these opportunities as they are busy complaining
about life. They are the ones who are usually left behind.

Strivers know how to discipline themselves in order for them
to reach their goals. While the strifer is out enjoying
himself at the bar or in front of the television, the
striver is busy putting his latest move in motion. Yet, he
stills know the importance of downtime.

Strivers have a need to achieve. They are always looking
forward to the next move or conquest. Strifers are satisfied
with the mundane activities of day to day life.

Strivers have an appetite for work. They willingly put in
long hard hours even if the returns are not immediate.
Strifers are the ones who give up more easily in the quest
to find success. They rarely use the power of persistence to
their advantage.

Strivers know how to make stress work for them in a positive
way. They often focus on the end result and not the process
of reaching there. All the strifer can see is the obstacles
and roadblocks to which he makes a hasty retreat.

Strivers know how to think for themselves. They may seek out
the advice of others but after analyzing all the information
they make their own decisions. The strifer is easily swayed
by the opinions and thoughts of others.

Strivers normally like to be independent. They cherish being
their own boss and the freedom it brings whether financially
or personally. Many strifers are content with receiving a
paycheck every fortnight of month. Which would you prefer
wages or profits?

Strivers like to maintain a healthy cash flow. They know
that profits are the measure of their business success.
Since strifers fail to use their winning traits they have
more of a cash trickle than a flow.

Do you have what it takes to be a striver? It takes time and
work. The good thing is that if you are a strifer you can
evolve into a striver. All it takes is the passion to
develop the traits which will make you strive.

Copyright © Nicholas Dixon

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Nicholas Dixon is a writer and webmaster from Jamaica. Visit hiswebsite for articles, free courses andinformation about a cool island town.