An oil painting support is any kind of surface to which oil paint could be applied to. There are huge varieties of different surfaces, which artists use to paint on. Everything from certain woods, canvas, and as well metals could be used as a supports for oil painting. Following are the various types of oil painting supports that will help you decide the best for your style of oil painting.


Linen is generally created from the fibers of the flax plant. The fibers are then developed into yarns or threads that are then made into canvas. The fibers of the flax plant are huge and moderately strong and make for an extremely attractive and hard-wearing oil painting support. Paintings carried out on this surface have endured the test of time. It is for this reason that linen canvas is a preferred amongst expert oil painters. There are assortments of different linen canvases accessible in the market, from rolled canvas to pre-stretch. It comes prepared for acrylic and oils, or you could get it unprimed as well.


Cotton canvas is the most admired support for starter oil painters. It is a comparatively strong material and much reasonable than linen. It has an extremely even and perfunctory weave. If you are actually worried about the sturdiness of cotton, then purchase a profound grade cotton canvas and try widening it yourself. Cotton canvas is obtainable in rolls or pre-stretched, primed or unprimed.

Canvas pads

For those artists who might be on a tight budget but yet desire a good quality surface for oil paintings, then canvas pads are a superior choice. Canvas pads come in a range of various sizes and are amazing for starters interested in oil painting reproduction. Canvas pads are grand for practice also or doing studies. Make sure you get a heavy weight canvas pad compatible to hold oil paint.

Wood panels

The first known oil paintings were shaped on wood panels made of oak or poplar. The wood was actually covered with a consistent ground made of animal skin paste and chalk. The ground was then elegant smooth to generate a surface appropriate for oil paint.

Your choice of oil painting support actually relies up on your style of painting. Experiment with the different types of oil painting supports accessible in the market and have fun. You would ultimately find one that works best for you.

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