This week I want to focus on some unique ways to ask single women for a date. Try these methods to get a date. They work much better than using the direct approach of just saying, "Would you like to get together sometime?"

Here are some scripts I used successfully to get dates:

Let's say that you just met a single woman and you would like to ask her out to lunch, dinner, attend a function, or go to the beach. Ask her out this way:

"Next week I'm having lunch at (name a very popular place to eat). Which day can you meet me there for lunch - Monday or Wednesday?"

"Next week I would like to take you out for dinner at (name a very popular place to eat). Which day would you like me to come by and pick you up - Tuesday or Thursday?"

"Next week I'm buying a couple of tickets to the (symphony, circus, Broadway play, opera, etc.). Which day would you like to go - Friday, Saturday, or Sunday?"

"I'm driving down to the beach this weekend to take a walk in the sand. Which day would you like to take a walk with me along the beach - Saturday or Sunday?"

I think you are getting the point now. You are giving her options and putting her on the spot with the above scripts.

These scripts work much better than asking her with a question that she can respond with a rejection. Example: "Would you like to get together sometime? Or, "Would you like to go out for dinner?" She can simply respond with, "No."

Guys, use these strategies for asking for a date. You will get a lot more dates instead of turndowns.

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